Today, I’m going to write about the 5 most potent DESTRUCTIVE PASSIONS and the 12 VIRTUES which I had encountered throughout my Transformation. ? Imagine a several-stories-high building – a pyramid, for instance. Most people reside on the lowest floor, they’re the least self-aware, gradually, as we climb up the stairs, less and less people live on each floor. The higher we go, the more self-aware and wiser people are. The higher we go, the clearer we see, feel,sense, our vibrations change, they increase. The aim of this game is to climb to the highest floor. ?

My soul was and still is as curious as a small CHILD, with RESPECT and ADMIRATION, staring into the heights of the Universe and the blue sky, into the depths of water and earth, listening to the wind and storm with astonishment, unable to avert my eyes from the vitality of the Sun and fire… ?  A strong desire to recognize the meaning, purpose, wisdom and to know the cause, the source lies within me… The route of RECOGNITION begins with this STATE OF SOUL. Being eager for the acquisition of information and findings and logically evaluating them with BRAIN is not enough. That’s not recognition.  ADMIRABLE and RESPECTFUL STATE OF SOUL towards everything unknown, towards the Wisdom of the Universe in everything you lay your eyes upon, is needed to start the TRANSFORMATIONAL journey. THAT’S WHERE THE JOURNEY TO RECOGNITION BEGINS! ?

The journey of RECOGNIZING TRUTH – TRANSFORMATION is beautiful yet challenging at the same time. Not once does it come with misunderstanding and condemning of your surroundings. ? And exactly when people around you start to behave strangely, is a SIGNAL that you are headed in the right direction! That’s when you moved and made a change. You’re reaching a higher floor and your vibrations increased. ? That’s when you got your Ego under control and since it no longer has you in its palms, it is sending S.O.S. to his friends, the Egos of other people, to drag you back down!!! ? There’s still a chance for dark beings to drag you back through the egos of others, that also react to your change. People in your closest circle start to showcase the most powerful tool of the dark – FEAR! ? People don’t want you to change!!! ? They fear changes. They fear losing you, fear that you are no longer the person you once were, fear that something in their life is about to change, fear of loss! For years I’ve been listening to: „ You changed somehow, youre not like you were then..“ ???I’ve lost friends and close acquaintances several times. ? We stopped resonating on the same wavelength. Suddenly we didn’t get along anymore. I really wanted them to move forward as well, to recognize what I did, to crave recognition, to have the COURAGE for CHANGE. ? We could stay together then! But that didn’t happen. ? FEAR and DESTRUCTIVE EMOTIONS had them enslaved and held them tightly in the Matrix illusion. ? I, on the other hand, continued onto other floors. New vibrations gradually attracted new people into my life. I experienced the transfer from one vibrational level(floor) onto next more subtle one twice already, currently preparing for my third one. A DIFFICULT CHALLENGE comes with each one. It’s like in a school. At the end of each term you have to pass exams that comprise everything that was covered that year. A student only receives such exam that he is capable of passing! That’s the Universal law. I wrote about that here. ???That’s how it works! I realised that everything is about the quality of my energy, about its vibration. The aim of the transformation is to convert (transform) the gross mass and the gross thoughts and feelings- DESTRUCTIVE PASSIONS and vices into softer, brighter energies, filled with light and love – VIRTUES, through RECOGNITION. Succeed at this and you shall move onto a higher floor. ?

The aim of the game is to climb from the gross vibrations of the first energetic floors, full of wiles and decoys, up onto the higher floors. ? The sun doesn’t shine on the lower floors, there’s only chill, cold and even floods sometimes, a person doesn’t understand the meaning of his life, so he just lives from one day to another, treating himself to short-term gratification with destruction. ? The person becomes the dairy cow of his own energy for the dark entities. He lives in his own Matrix, receiving destructive information from media, living in fear with destructive emotions and thoughts, not thinking about what he eats, what he speaks, how he thinks and feels, gradually falling ill, because gross negative energy wants to be materialised in matter! The intangible world of thoughts and feelings is the WORLD OF CAUSES and the physical tangible level is the WORLD OF EFFECTS! So, the person treats himself on the physical level with medication, ultimately destroying himself even more. Blaming others for his state, he somehow gets by with a very small amount of money until he eventually passes away in pain and ignorance. And the cycle of reincarnation begins with the level that the person arrived at in the moment of his death. ? So the cycle shall begin! The person gets another chance to wake up in a new body! ?

I decided to climb to the highest floor and live my life in LIGHT, LOVE, HAPPINESS, HEALTH, PROSPERITY, ABUNDANCE with the RECOGNITION OF TRUTH. ? I started from the bottom, on the ground floor, with my soul full of destructive passions, but I made it! ?With the Transformation I succeeded to break free from the darkness. I’m not fully „out“ of their reach just yet, but I live with that much more MINDFULNESS and GRATITUDE. ?

The 5 dark entities – DESTRUCTIVE PASSIONS peacefully reside on the stories with low vibrations, feeding on the gross energy of human thoughts and feelings. Each of them has its own army of little demons. Here they are. Those are rather sly and want to keep us on their level at all costs. They only feed on our human energy.

  • ANGER – kills Love within us, judges, criticises, condemns, compares and destroys.
  • ATTACHMENT – attachment on traditions, rules, information, knowledge, past, person, animal, things, fashion, appearance, but also spiritually when a person loses the balance in connection with Earth. Attachment is a slaver, that robs us of our time.
  • LUST – jealousy, envy, lie. Lust attaches us to the tangible world and prevents us from growing spiritually.
  • SELFISHNESS – a person lights up the road for only himself, he is his own focal point of the Universe. However, the light is cold and chilly, blinding the person’s eyes, pushing him to hurt others, to resent, to take from others, person craves recognition, career, fame…
  • DESTRUCTIVE SEXUAL PASSION(sex without Love) – all the addictions on cigarettes, alcohol, fun, drugs belong here. They enslave the person! While sexual energy on the higher vibrations of love is the most important CREATIVE ENERGY!?

Another destructions in various forms unwind from those. They are quite different atfirst glance. What do they have all in common, though? They all come from the same source! And thats  the biggest manipulator of the EARTH – of the mankind- FEAR! ? The entirety of my Transformation was about getting to know myself, about getting familiar with the destructive passions in my subconsciousness, and about their gradual transformation into VIRTUES. Through regularities as well, about which you can read here.

I have always perceived VIRTUES as sentient noble beings, that are there to help me. They are like angels. A call is all it takes and they will make sure to assist you. They will guide you upwards, towards the light, and show you the route to the higher softer vibrational floor. The evil is not allowed on that one. It would burn!?

You can find the 12 VIRTUES on the higher floors, as there are 12 months in a year, 12 signs in the zodiac, 12 fibres in the DNA (out of

which only 2 are active), Jesus Christ had 12 direct followers, in different religions the number 12 is important, Olymp had 12 gods etc. Even I decided to write 12 blogs. ? This is the 10th one. I passed on my RECOGNITION, so I can accept something new. I will write two more articles and I’ll return to myself, to the silence, preparing myself for the following change, regarding my Transformation. ?

So the 12 basic virtues that are directly related to the 12 signs in the zodiac, here they are. ?
Let’s start with Aeries. It’s the first sign in the zodiac and with the state of soul in which the VIRTUE RESPECT arises it‘ s where the TRANSFORMATIONAL PROCESS starts.? Another virtues are – Taurus – STABILITY (in a sense of VIGILANCE), Gemini – PERSEVERANCE, Cancer- SELFLESSNESS (the power to GIVE), Leo – COMPASSION(as FREEDOM), Virgo – COURTESY, Libra- SATISFACTION (MODERATION, inner Harmony and Peace), Scorpio- PATIENCE, Sagittarius- CONTROLLING OF THOUGHTS, Capricorn- COURAGE, Aquarius- SECRECY(as in not judging and condemning), Pisces- GENEROSITY, from which FAITH, HOPE and LOVE shall be born within you, in your new higher vibrations as in a mothers womb.

When you decide to take the route of VIRTUES, all of them will  develop within you as if at the same time. At the beginning of my journey, I noticed lot of vices and destructive passions within me. I was in the BOX OF MATRIX, connected to the informational-hypnotic system of media, education, nurture, health service, habits, general patterns of behaviour and expectation of others. Some people stay enclosed in this box for the rest of their life and don’t even realise it! I would receive gifts from the „above“ . ? Situations that gradually opened my box naturally came to me, as if someone was shouting „get out of that box finally and go, live your life! Go, have fun, enjoy, develop, go and explore, go and change, create, go go go!!!“ And so I stepped out of it. What a shock it was! ? Everything they taught me, everything I had put together into my perception of the world had fallen apart as a house of cards. I had to rebuild my inner world from the scratch! ?
I started to quietly watch. OBSERVE what exactly was happening around me?!? Have you ever watched a person while he’s watching a TV. I have. Tv is a genius invention for manipulation of a huge mass of people at the same time. At one moment somebody knowingly floods thousands of people with negative information, out of which arises a negative emotion and this accumulated energy goes exactly where it’s consciously directed! To strengthen what we fear, to strengthen who we despise, to strengthen who we judge and condemn, who we pity, to strengthen the evil…
During my observation and development, I started to understand the Matrix system and gradually started to disconnect from the so-called normal things, programs and habits. ?What I knew with certainty even as a teenager was that employment is an absolute loss of freedom for me that’s why I was always trying to find other ways of making money. After university, during my maternity leave, I devised a project, that provided me with a sustainable income for several years, then came other interesting projects and MLM(multilevel marketing) at last. Thanks for that one! Doing business in MLM brought me only the best and most beautiful things in my life. Even my beloved husband!. ? ?? Thanks for the free enterprise with the guaranteed profit, as long as you can manage your destructive passions and are willing to change! ? Consciously, I would train my COURAGE and played with challenges. I enjoyed it! And I still do! Throughout my Transformation I started to do seemingly for the people around me. These changes came gradually and naturally as breathing. ?
I started to wake up early, meditate regularly, pray (and I’m not even christened nor am I part of any religion), but my heart told me, that its good for me. ? I started to do regularities I wrote about that here, talk less and listen more, drink green barley, eat chlorela, drink only healthy water, take care of my body with lent and massages, practise yoga, I gradually stopped smoking, eating meat and some other foods, watching tv and reading newspapers and I started to read and educate myself in the self improvement and spiritual science, I started to grow my own vegetables, started to say NO to people and situations that dragged me down, in terms of my vibrations, I started to value myself and my time… prosperity and abundance on every level came and come together with vibrational change… ???
Today I know that I will never eat meat again. Ever since I was a child I could smell the blood and the pain and suffering of the animal within it. But you know it. When I said it out loud, people would laugh at me, and so as a child I fell into the hypnotic rhythm of matrix and ate meat. Until I climbed up to the higher floor where eating animals is no longer needed, where I feel the NEED to LOVE them. ? My body doesn’t need meat. I don’t push myself into this, it is a result of a natural development. Only those who experienced this, will understand. You, who don’t, don’t let yourself be allured onto the road of judging and condemning at this moment. I don’t judge people that eat meat either. ?Just observe. Don’t label, learn to keep your distance and neutrality. Only then you can arrive to RECOGNITION. ?

The Transformational road leads through 7 valleys and 7 hills. ? Restless rivers flow in the valleys, you will have to find your way through mud, you will fall, you will stumble, you will be tired, you will want to return to the sweet ignorance, you will doubt, you will take the wrong turn, exhausted you will plead the Universe for more strength, but while doing so, be GRATEFUL, BELIEVE and HOLD ON! Call the VIRTUES, ANGLES and the entire UNIVERSE to help you. Your reward will follow and you shall tell yourself that IT WAS WORTH IT indeed! ???

I had a beautiful experience on Sunday. I was sitting on our terrace with my beloved husband, a true family idyll, watching the sun and the clouds. Our dog was peacefully sleeping, our tomcat purred in my hair, the leaves were rustling in the breeze and here… a wonderful feeling od GRATITUDE in my heart. ?I had never experienced such a deep feeling before! I simply WAS and every cell, my heart and soul were happily bathing in the dazzling warm energy of gratitude. Peace and silence in my soul… just tears of gratitude and humility rolling down my cheeks. A kind caress of God. ?

With Love Andrea ?