My transformation brought me an important recognition. Everything is only in my „hands“!!!? I’m not just a toy of destiny, some uncontrollable situation or coincidence! My energy is my world and my ENVIRONMENT.

Imagine a situation – you come to visit someone and you are welcomed by a smiling couple in their doorway, you enter their house and everything is perfectly ready, the glasses are polished, everything is tidy, the food is cooked…but you feel, sense that something isn’t quite right after all.? It has surely happened to you. What is it that you feel? What is that „atmosphere“ , „something in the air“, „chemistry“ or „mood“ that you feel? And you don’t feel it with your nose! You feel it with your heart! What is it? ?

ENERGY. It’s the quality of vibrations of the people that welcomed you with a smile on their faces but had managed to quarrel 10 minutes before they opened the doors for you. And energy is still there and wants to be registered. You feel negative, low and heavy vibrations. As if your heart was closing, making it difficult to breathe. Your heart chakra is reacting immediately.?

Or the other way around, you come to some room, not wanting to leave, you feel good there, you enjoy meeting some people whereas others not so much. Your heart opens, you can breathe easier. Why? Because those people vibrate on the same or higher level than you. Homogeneous attract one another. You are familiar with: „Birds of a feather flock together“. ???

We feel each other with our hearts. Even though we try to „lie“ with a body, the heart senses truth. We feel our energies, our BIOFIELDS, our aura. Animals, kids up to 3 years old and many people can see, hear and feel those energies. You can’t fool an animal or a child. They see TRUTH.? Watch small children, watch animals, they teach us a lot.?

What is an Aura and a BIOFIELD? It’s our true I, our inner world – our thoughts and emotions.?

I was very young, when I understood that I don’t have just one body of which I have to take care, but I have much more of them!!! Once again I was engulfed by the feeling of unbelievable happiness!? As always when finding out and understanding TRUTH! Happiness and gratitude for RECOGNITION! We have significantly more bodies than just one, we have higher spiritual bodies and each of them has several levels. Analyse, observe and search.?

Everybody sees the physical body, we can move it, wash it, dress it up, exercise with it and control it with our will. This body has its physical needs. Have you ever thought about how is it possible that we don’t control our physical body at all?!?

We can’t influence its needs, rhythms nor processes inside of it – try to control your sleep, try not to excrete, we don’t control craniosacral rhythm – basic rhythm of the body, we don’t control the rhythm of the heart nor breathing, nor substance exchange, digestion, growth of hair, nails, reproduction… I really wanted to know how is it possible that the physical body works „beyond“ me! And works like clockwork! God’s Wisdom is in every cell of my body, in my DNA and in each inhale and exhale, in each move!!! ?

I know it today. Everything fits together beautifully! I know that the physical body is nourished by the etheric one. It’s an energy that every one of us sees with physical eyes. Of course, only if you want and can concentrate in silence for a moment. It’s a thin white light around every human, animal, plants, trees, minerals, things… Our body works in rhythms thanks to this energy, we grow, our cells regenerate, our wounds heal. Our etheric body is the energy of kingdom plantae. When you tear some part of a plant off, it grows back and continues growing. If an imbalance is created and the rhythms of the etheric body are violated, the kingdom plantae and its gifts- healing herbs, can help us to reach an equilibrium once again. The principle of the universe is an equilibrium.

The second body is an emotional (astral) one. Imagine an energetic field around your physical and etheric body, as if you were in a transparent colourful egg. And in which…. Weeeell, it’s different for everybody. ? Colours, shapes, movement… Did you know that every emotion has a specific shape, colour, scent, dynamics, vibration and wants to be materialised on the physical level? Emotions have their levels, and so does everything. And some are beneficial to us, empowering our emotional body, but on contrary there are emotions which weaken and create holes in it! It depends on our inner mindset, stances, opinions, emotional patterns and to what extent can we keep order, Peace, Harmony, the mood of Happiness, Gratitude in this body… When you send out the lightning of anger you immediately create holes in your emotional body. The imbalance is created, weakening our immunity! ? Yes, the immunity of your physical body depends on purity, clarity and vibrational level of the emotional one. All emotions which are filled with light and good immediately empower your energy and improve your immunity! ? Do you know that every organ in the body not only has its physical function but is also connected to specific emotion and thought? For example: stomach ulcers are not caused by what you eat, but by what is eating you.

Our third body is a thought-mental one. And here is our control! ? We can start the process of Transformation here. Do you know how many thoughts cross your mind in a day? Could you write them down in the evening? Would you remember them all? We are always thinking about something. We can’t exist without thoughts. They are always here. Approximately 25 000 thoughts cross our mind in a day and we can’t remember even a mere 1%! What we can do, though, is to start consciously observing and filtrating ON WHAT WE ARE THINKING IN THIS MOMENT! That‘ s where I started my Transformation. I decided to FILTRATE and CLEAN my thought body! ?

I was very young, it’s more than 20 years now, when I experienced a miraculous recovery of my close beloved person. Doctors said that the diagnosis was incurable. Supposedly, it can be only stabilised and maintained. Everything inside of me opposed this medical “truth”. I was searching for a solution and I found it! The person is healthy today and is fully enjoying his life in health. ? He wasn’t cured by the doctors. But by women, aware of the universal laws, energy flows in the body and the principle of the illness formation. They were wise, they had knowledge and they knew how to use it. The recovery took roughly 2 hours!!! The doctors said that the illness was incurable! Of course, when they only heal on the physical level and only the physical body. And that’s not where the cause lies, only the effect. A miracle happened. I was a witness of it and ever since then whoever can tell me whatever about how they don’t believe “it”. They are robbing themselves of the recognition of truth and empowering their EGO. My world has changed then. ? Completely! HOW IS IT POSSIBLEEE??? On a very simple principle. Everything is simple, it’s just us making it unnecessarily complicated. Every imbalance – an ILLNESS, in the words of the doctors, has its cause in our emotional or thought-body. The physical body is a mere reflection of our thoughts and emotions. It’s the physical reflection of our inner world! Of our thought and emotional body. Now, surely the existence of hereditary abnormalities and diseases, hereditary predispositions, genetics, DNA, outside influences and other adverse effects on the health will come to your mind. You thinking that is alright. ? Ego denies the responsibility for the physical health. Search for truth on your own, based on your experiences. I KNOW, I have RECOGNITION, that EVERYTHING on the physical level is the reflection of the inner world. Have you ever been cured from sore throat, severe allergy or back pain in few hours? Have you ever experienced a miracle? I have, many times. And you can as well! ? Don’t believe in the MATRIX that you can only be cured by a doctor, and that you can’t survive without a medication, that you can’t help yourself. You can help yourself! YOU DO KNOW HOW!!! COINCIDENCE DOESN’T EXIST! We are the CAUSE and so are the EFFECT. Are you familiar with the old folk wisdom “As in the mountains called so from the mountain echoes” or “You reap what you sow”…

Really, it’s simple. Only COURAGE to see TRUTH – CAUSE, that caused the imbalance, is all what is needed. In silence ask yourself, your higher SELF for the cause. What thoughts and emotions have caused this state? ?

I don’t get ill often. I decided to be HEALTHY. I didn’t believe the MATRIX that autumn is the flu season, etc…My children don’t get ill either. I’m healthy and have a healthy body. And healthy children. Do you know, that our BIOFIELD is the ENVIRONMENT for also our children? What ambience do we crate for them? Full of fears, worries, doubts and negativism? Or Harmony, Love, Happiness, Comfort, Faith and Gratitude? The quality of our BIOFIELD is the IMMUNITY of our children. Think about how often do your children get ill? Do you worry about their health and fear them getting ill again? Do you expect them getting ill in a certain surrounding? You are programming it mentally. Energy goes with thought and materialises itself. Universe fulfils all your wishes with pleasure.? ? ?

I take care of my thought and emotional body every day. I keep order there. I clean my thoughts and emotions, as I shower my physical body, clean my teeth and face every morning and evening. In meditation and prayer. When I get filth on my hands throughout the day I clean them immediately. When I   make a   mess in my head and my heart with thoughts and emotions, I   clean them immediately. HOW?

I ask myself simple questions. I FILTER. What am I thinking about right now? Is this thought that I’m dealing with GOOD? Is it beneficial for me? Does it provide me with recognition? Does it get me any closer to my goal of being a better person? Does it fill me with a pleasant feeling? Does it create harmony, peace, happiness and gratitude in my inner world? Is this thought Creative or Destructive? Does this thought and emotion empower me or weaken me? And I immediately know what I have to do! ? ? ?

Protect your BIOFIELD. Unconscious people have the tendency to make junkyard from your clean environment. Notice, that some people constantly talk about their problems, about problems of others, about others, about news in the tv… Those are all the thoughts that this person is unable to process, he fears, subconsciously he feels that he has to push them away and dump his mental and emotional trash somewhere else. ? Don’t let him do that! He gets his relief and will feel better, he will tell you what a great conversation he had with you, but you end up feeling “under the weather”. Protect your environment against such people and learn how to take a neutral stance, don’t deal with information that people throw at you, simply observe. Ask yourself. With what intention is this person telling me this? Does he need to dump his trash onto me or does he actually need my help? Ask him what is his solution? What solution would satisfy him? Is it in his power to change the situation, which he is describing, to the better? In other words, don’t let yourself be DRAGGED into his MATRIX. ? Don’t start to relive problems about which he tells you. Take a neutral stance and fill yourself with light, send out love-filled energetic caress and wish him all the best. ? You will create and strengthen your protective shield of your BIOFIELD. Protect your energy, your light, your ENVIRONMENT and KEEP IT CLEAN. And on contrary, protect biofields of those with whom you meet, talk and think about as well. ???

Imagine that your inner world is a GARDEN. Your thoughts and emotions ( it’s impossible to separate them) are the seeds. And you decide which ones will you water and which ones will you let to dry out. The one that you water will grow, it will grow into a tree and will bear fruits. Only YOU decide whether those fruits will be tasty and beneficial to your health or they will be poisonous! Nobody else.?

My throat starts to hurt reeeeally bad sometimes- sore throat. Every imbalance in me has a very fast progress and is immediately materialised on the physical level. I sit down in peace and silence every time this happens to me. I replay my day. I search for the CAUSE of the sore throat in me. Bacteria are only the means by which my effect is being materialised on the physical level. ? But how does a “normal” person behave? He’s looking for a culprit- Where was I? Who was ill there? From who did I catch it? People nowadays, going to public ill! They even said it in the tv that many people are ill now… so it’s here, I have to stay home in bed again… those bacteria are so immune…I will make an appointment with a doctor tomorrow to pick up my antibiotics…??? We are getting rid of our own responsibility. It’s easier, that is true. However, in my first blog I wrote how at first angels whisper in your ears, then they tap you on the shoulder and if you don’t react, they will hit you on your head with a hammer. ALARM goes off! You can recover from a sore throat within few hours. Without medication.

So, I sit in silence, looking for the cause in me. And no wonder, a situation where I SAID SOMETHING I SHOULDN’T HAVE or DIDN’T SAY SOMETHING I SHOULD HAVE always pops to my mind. Put into a bigger picture throat-communication-sore throat. If the pain is on the right side, the communication concerns someone from the outside. If on the left, I don’t communicate properly with myself. When I come across the cause, I REPLAY THE ENTIRE SITUATION AGAIN. It’s as if watching a movie and your situation is happening to someone else. Then you know how to deal with it. When you remove yourself from the situation. When you watch a film, you immediately know, whether the character is doing something good or not. I replay and RELIVE the situation again in this way. But with a different stance this time. I “repair” it in a sense. I always end it with the FORGIVENESS ritual. Honestly, by heart and truthfully. On three levels. On the first level – I ask the person, to which I behaved in the way that created imbalance, for forgiveness, I ask God (Universe, Source) for forgiveness and lastly I forgive myself for acting in ignorance. That’s the hardest. Ego resonates quite loudly here. I learn from my mistake and I acquire recognition. And a miracle happens! A sore throat is gone. Had there been no sore throat, there would be no recognition. Had I been conscious and communicate in balance in given situation, there would be no sore throat. So I’m grateful for it! Illnesses are like indicator lights. ALARM. They warn us that something is not quite working in our thought and emotional body. And they have to hurt, otherwise we wouldn’t even begin to deal with them. ???

Law of the Universe states: “As above, so below, as inside, so outside.” ? Never otherwise. ???

With love ? Andrea