My stances to at-first-glance obvious things were gradually changing throughout my Transformation. One of them were CHILDREN. When I  wanted to move forward, in a  certain phase, it was necessary to get rid off the programmed patterns, emotional blocks and the patterns of thinking and acting from my parents, that I  created as a  CHILD. ?

The time has come to clean out our Ancestral Lineages. But that’s a topic for next time.


RECOGNIZING TRUTH was very hard, painful at times, yet beautifully freeing. It’s as if getting rid of several layers of old clothes, that you gradually attire yourself with, continuously adding more and more layers and wearing them because you think that THIS IS YOU. And these layers of clothing, with their weight, prevent you from jumping into the air with cheer happiness, flying, even breathing. And a thought of removing all those layers and flying crosses your mind indeed, but you are caught by some strange feeling of GUILT and FEAR, because your parents say: ”Put that coat back on!” ?

It was the same with me. And I think, that it was the same with every one of us.

Ever since my childhood all I heard from my parents, teachers and friends was their opinions about me. We all go through this. They were forming us. Unconsciously. I heard WHAT I AM, how are things “SUPPOSED TO BE” from them, their opinions and stances, their programmed patterns of behavior and thinking and various others dysfunctional programs that they were holding on to out of fear were forming me. You are this and that… resonated from every direction several times a day. ?

Children are being internally formed until the 3rd year of their life the most, because during this time they are continuously listening to what they are like. Until they start to BELIEVE that they REALLY ARE LIKE THAT! ?

“You are skillful or you are clumsy… you are so kind or you are impolite, you are good, you are slow, you are too quick, you are making up things, you are lying, you are too afraid, you are too brave, you eat too little, you eat too much, you are too thin, you are not going to be a singer, you are going to be a president… and so on. ?

And the “HOW IS WHAT SUPPOSED TO BE DONE” programs!!! Everything, that is on the plate is SUPPOSED to be eaten, you are SUPPOSED to sleep during the lunchtime, that is not SUPPOSED to be done like this, that is not how you are SUPPOSED to be wearing that, you are to obey, you are not SUPPOSED to jump into a puddle. And negative programs. Don’t run, or you will fall, don’t crawl there, or something bad will happen to you, watch carefully, so that you are not hit by a car, put that sharp thing away, or you will stab your eye with it, don’t to that, or something will happen… I remember how my child’s soul would resist upon hearing these words… ???

What do we receive with these negative expressions and mental programming of a child’s soul from our parents into our subconsciousness? Conscious supportive programs full of Love or subconscious programs full of fear and programmed general opinions? We model and create. Are we going to create a person with low self-esteem full of fears, worries, the feelings of guilt or an egotistical, proud, vain being that is proving his self-worth with violence and by judging others, because he feels small on the inside? ?

The prenatal development and the first three years of child’s life are the most important period in a person’s life. That’s where you sow. What is sowed and watered can TAKE ROOT and GROW. The first experience of fear is like a tree’s root . From which sprout another branches and trees! Mainly low self-esteem, fears, worries and doubts were being sowed in our generation! But who knew about it? My parents didn’t. Neither did their parents. Nor did I with my first child. Only my first son started to open my heart in this direction. Only in the time of my parenthood I started to fully recognize THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE I wrote about that here and my RESPONSIBILITY. ?

Today I know that the SOUL OF A CHILD CHOOSES ITS PARENTS ON ITS OWN. ? I know it, it’s my RECOGNITION. ? Throughout my Transformation I gradually cleanse my subconsciousness – freeing myself, letting go of the weights and learning to fly higher. To raise your vibrations and to tune onto higher energies, you simply need to let go of all of the weights, that keep you in a certain height. It’s like with a balloon that wants to fly higher. You have to drop everything, that is weighting you down. ??? At the very beginning of my journey, whenever I wanted to move forward, I would often hit emotional blocks, that were created during my prenatal development. I was searching for a way to free myself from these old unnecessary programs.

The most effective one, that I know and already tried several times is REGRESSION THERAPY. It’s a very efficient way for understanding, transforming and cleansing yourself of mental and emotional blocks from the past or from your other lives. Many therapists are capable of doing so. But beware of who you let to handle your subconsciousness, your energy, with whom you form an energetic canal. I let someone do it only when my heart says YES. The lady, whose service I used many times before, was being attracted into my life for 5 years. She only came when I was fully ready! ?

I was born with my pelvic floor first. In different words with my bottom. Children are naturally born with their head. Just before my birth, I turned around and sat down with my head facing upwards. The doctor couldn’t understand it, because few days before my head was facing downwards. Supposedly, it happens. Coincidentally! It was a very difficult labor for my mother as well as for me. Both of our lives were put on the line. However, I knew that it wasn’t a mere coincidence! Until the time came when I wanted to understand it. During the regression therapy into my PRENATAL 9-MONTH-LONG DEVELOPMENT, I came to the very beginning. I remembered why I, the IMMORTAL SOUL, chose my mother and father in this life. I needed to experience my father’s PROBITY and my mother’s PATIENCE. That moment of realization is indescribable with words. There’s UNDERSTANDING, LOVE, GRATITUDE, FREEDOM AND THE RECOGNITION OF TRUTH all in one. ? My parents are great people. I love them. They have been together for more than 50 years. I understood that the Soul chooses its parents, and what it needs to experience on its own. It knows exactly what it’s signing up for. It sees its possibilities, karmic nodes, crossroads, thus knowing its options. If it is willing to consciously work on itself, develop, experiencing certain karmic situations will no longer be necessary. It will no longer have to suffer to come to recognition ?.

During the regress, I saw myself as a soul in my mother’s biofield, connected with my evolving body only energetically. This is where I fully experienced my mother’s emotion, when she found out she was pregnant and the reaction of my father. I saw them, I felt them. I relived my entering into the evolving body in my mother, I relived every month of my prenatal development and exactly felt when the emotional blocks were created. They always arose from situations to which my mother had an intense emotional reaction.

Today I know, what an immense responsibility I have, as a MOTHER, for my every thought and emotion from the conception to the very first glance into the eyes of a new born child. The moment when a woman finds out she is pregnant gives the basis to the child’s mental state! ? Even if the soul is still not embodied, it is already connected to the energetic system of the mother, thus sensing everything. Should a mother not receive the news with excitement and joy, should she let in negative thoughts even for a moment, the soul is going to beg for the mother’s attention and it will need to feel the mother’s Love constantly. It’s as if it had a closed door, knocking on them with ”helooo, here I am, open up and notice me”. If a woman is indecisive in the moment of discovery, it’s as if the doors were half opened and the souls is uncertain if it’s awaited or if simply somebody forgot to close them. It shall behave in accordance. If a woman receives the news about the pregnancy with happiness, the souls feels as if the doors were opened and everybody is awaiting it with a warm welcome. ?

A child is developed in an amniotic sack, which is filled with water. Water is the most potent conductor of emotions. ? A strong emotion will bring us to tears (from either happiness or sadness), a frightening experience can cause a leakage of urine and so on. Water is a carrier of emotions. So, imagine that small innocent developing being in its mother’s womb, in her water. In her emotions. It’s fully soaked, living in them, from them. That’s why, the ambience in which a pregnant woman resides, the way her partner treats her, what she reads and what information are being soaked into her biofield are all very important. A child senses its father through mother’s emotions. It’s building a relationship with him through mother’s eyes. That’s why a pregnant woman is sacred, protected and needs her partner’s Love. ? With her experience, a woman gives mental basis to her child- an incarnated soul. Helping it with Love, or negatively forming it and supplying it with emotional blocks. During the regression therapy, I realized how much I Love my mother. It happened in the 6th month, when it was clear to everybody that she was pregnant, her friends, in fact, all women were telling her stories about their labor and all the possible scenarios that could happen. The worse the scenario, the better!!! ? There was only one book by Hegel 44 years ago. There was no sonogram, no youtube, no Internet, nor any preparation for labor. My mother had a panic attack. With the time of the labor approaching, her worries and fear were only getting worse. So I, out of Love towards her, decided to not be born! ? I turned around in her womb and was constantly sending her thoughts filled with Love. I really wanted her to calm down, that no labor is happening, therefore she doesn’t have to be worried about me anymore! That’s where more emotional blocks were created. But it still came. The labor. During which more emotional blocks of fear were created. And even more afterwards. During regress, it is necessary to not only relive everything as it happened, but also how it was after Understanding the situation, devoid of fear, but with Recognition now. ? BY RELIVING, UNDERSTANDING and RECOGNIZING, WE CAN CHANGE THE PAST, so that THE PRESENT CAN BE CHANGED TOGETHER WITH THE FUTURE, OF COURSE. It’s all in one anyway. ???

I felt the need to share this experience. It taught me a lot. It changed me, changed my attitude towards my mother, towards myself, brought me RECOGNITION OF TRUTH and FREED ME! ??? I understood that I am nobody’s child. Neither are my children. And neither are yours. We all have only one father and one mother! ? We are souls which, through incarnations, gather experience that will help them develop into better beings with higher vibrations, so we can acquire Recognition and Wisdom to become Happy, Healthy and gifted with Abundance on all of the levels! ??? We possess great power to either create or destroy. We have a great responsibility for the way we treat other souls- children, that chose us to be their parents in this life. Our responsibility begins with the CONCEPTION. Not with the child’s birth. Even if the MATRIX is trying to tell us otherwise, manipulating us into thinking that a child is just a mere fetus until its birth, that we live only once, that there is no soul and that an incarnation is nonsense. Through educational system, the MATRIX is destroying creativity and the authentic personality of our children. Raising them into obedient slaves focused on being rated with marks, without having the option to express their own opinion, create and decide. Please, let’s be responsible in this field as well and let’s not allow it. Let’s support our children in doing what makes them happy and help them to develop into better beings and not into blocked and mentally programmed slaves to the system. Let’s help them develop their talents, skills and their virtues. That’s our responsibility . ?

I’m extremely happy when I see conscious mature mothers and fathers, who already know how to raise their children, all around me. They know that today’s children are “different”. They don’t need any restrictions, commands and dealing with their parents fears! What they need is GUIDANCE, parents that will guide them through life as the most important guests and will be their role models. To become the conscious guides of our children, we need RECOGNTION. ?

Listen to our hearts. When we connect ourselves to the sky, tree, flower, stone, Sun, bird or anything else created by GOD – nature, we can feel it. We can feel, that it’s not our first time here. We can feel that we are part of everything. We are loved and never alone. ?

With Love Andrea ?