On the adventurous route to my Transformation, I realized that I have a very varied INNER WORLD.? That huge number of thoughts cross my mind daily and a specific feeling appears with each. That there is no thought without a feeling! However, it’s much softer and faster than a feeling and I found out that I can evoke thoughts but also send them away and they obey me! It was harder with emotions though. Those didn’t leave just like that.? Beautiful! The world of thoughts and feelings! Always on the move! The world of CREATIVITY or DESTRUCTION. Light or Dark. Nothing in between.?

I started to analyze and observe these worlds. I yearned to „see“ in other people’s heads and know, what they really think and feel.? I yearned to know. How is it? How is it supposed to be?

I felt this was the start of my Transformation!!!

My inner world was a reality, a bubble, a matrix with its own rules, approach, opinions and its own truth! EGO together with its hungry helpers directed my life game and made me into their puppet! I was their food.? Sometimes the director Ego threw me into the role of a VICTIM, other times into the role of a JUDGE! Sometimes I was defending, pitying, blaming others, other times I was an uncompromising judge and a executioner, because they were this and that…judging and condemning… A great game of ping-pong!!!? Ego had me firmly in his hands!!! His game was subliminal and intelligent. VICTIM vs. JUDGE! And everything hidden  behind FEAR! Just fear in various coats and masks.  More than 90% of people living on the planet Earth are playing this game right now.

They don’t see it yet. They will. ?The awakening has already begun.? They will understand.? What is it all about?

About ENERGY. About ENERGY FLOWS. About hungy EGO and the little demons going under the names fear, anger, envy, hatred, self-pity, attachment, addiction, judgement, lies and many others who feed on our negative emotions.? These little demons can’t feed on the positive and bright vibrations. They would burn.? That’s why they provoke and look for a way of getting to people. They are very intelligent beings and we are considerably enabling it to them in today’s world. All it takes is to turn on the TV, radio, read newspapers, listen to what „normal“ people are talking about, we have various apps on our phones that provide information, facebook and we are there. In the world of manipulation through information! Unfortunately, only few of us can move through the avalanche of information while managing to stay neutral, to evaluate and  to filtrate the information. You can manage with regular practice though!?

For many years I have been knowingly choosing what to watch in the TV, with whom to meet, what to read and I’m constantly filtrating what energy I let IN, into my inner world. I want it to be clean, filled with light. I filtrate WHAT ENERGY I LET OUT?  from my world as well. I don’t want to make a mess.?

WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for not only our actions but for our thoughts and feelings as well.  They too are energy flows? Everything is energy!

And everything wants to be materialised on the tangible level. Even the smallest of thoughts. It always comes back to its source, from where it was send out. The positive and the negative!?

Law of the universe states – the subtle gives way for the gross. Negative information will degrade you into lower vibrations, into destruction. Positive information and emotions will boost you to softer and brighter energies, to creativity and new ideas. Law of the Universe states – ENERGY ALWAYS FOLLOWS THOUGHT. ?

When you watch the negative tv news sound and picture are involved, you perceive with both your eyes and also ears. An immediate attack on your thinking and feeling. And on what you think and what you experience emotionally during this, that’s where you send your energy to. And if you eat during this, you accept information directly to your physical body! ? All of you, that demean Trump (or whoever and whatever), are sending him your energy. All of you, that hate and judge whoever and whatever, are energetically supporting and strengthening him/it in whatevere they are doing. And of course, it applies the other way around. If you think about someone with Love and you wish them only the best, a quick recovery for example, then energy follows thought and it wants to be materialised. The more genuine you live by it and feel it, the more power is sent to the energy flow. You can kill but also heal with thought!!!???

Have you noticed that when you are scared, angry or experience different  negative emotion, you are tired?? As if …drained? The little demons are currently feeding on your energy. And vice versa, when you play your favourite song or a movie, or you say an affirmation, a prayer, you reminisce on something nice, you sense the light in your heart, you feel recharged with energy? As if connected to a charger? Angels are currently supplying you with their energy. Observe, watch, filtrate and recognize. It’s alluring to unravel the truth!?

I think our INNER WORLD is the most important thing on what we need to work!!!? It’s about our own little world. About what we create within and about what we spread out. The goal is to have Love, Harmony, Happiness, Peace, Wisdom, Mindfulness, Light, thought and emotional Health, Prosperity, Creativity, Gratitude, Humility in our little worlds… And spread it further!?

I AM everything in my inner world. I am everything with each breath I take!?

We, humas, are like a DATA PROJECTOR. Our inner world is being projected as on a projector screen in the outside world. The projector screen is our life. We project only what we are on the inside! We simply need to become the directors of our inner world and direct ourself by our higher Self. By a light that shines in every one of us. We received it as a gift. It’s eternally alive! But covered by mental and emotional smog. But still there. And waiting.  And it believes in us. We are beings of the light enslaved by Ego. But only a little is all it takes and it can be different!?

Maybe this example can help with your understanding and cognition. Imagine that you are sitting in a cinema. Alone. It’s your cinema and your life is being projected on the screen.? You see yourself, your parents, friends, acquaintances. HOW do you see yourself? What is your APPROACH to yourself? What CONVICTIONS do you have about yourself in your movie? Do you BELIEVE in yourself? Do you overestimate or underestimate yourself? What do you think about your mother? About your father? About friends? Do you judge? Do you have any expectations? Do they have them about you? Are you living up to these expectations? Do they?

How do you perceive yourself? How do you want to be perceived? How do they perceive you? How do you perceive them??

And now stand up and go to sit down to a different cinema. To yours father’s cinema.? He is sitting there, projecting his world. He sees himself and you with his eyes there…

And you DON’T RECOGNIZE ANYBODY in yours father’s projected movie!!! Not even yourself! Not your father nor mother! Nobody!!!?


Because every each one of us sees it DIFFERENTLY! Everybody has their own truth in their bubble. If two people are trying to convince one another about their truth, they never reach an agreement. They just keep fighting, destroying and creating negative thoughts and emotions, being a victim or a judge – a food for the little demons and Ego!!! Both of them losing. HOW TO WIN?

Simply understand, care, look for, accept opinion of somebody else, cooperate, don’t judge, don’t condemn, recognize …???

Every one of us has its own MATRIX (a bubble), in which we create RELATIONSHIPS on vertical and horizontal level.

Those are our ENERGY FLOWS!

In the upward vertical direction, I create the relationship with God (the Universe, the Source) and in the downward one, the relationship with the mother Earth, nature, matter. The relationship ME-ME and I are in the middle! Are you familiar with the law of Love?

You shall love your neighbour as yourself”.? Horizontally, I create relationships with the past, the present, the future and with people of each time period.

Our matrixes are constantly overlaping and affecting one another. However, our small matrixes are a part of one huge matrix. Its quality is based on the quality of the small ones.

We have an immense power!? The power to Create or Destroy!!!?

Seven years ago, I had a very strong experience with a young 17 years old girl that used to be a part-timer at our firm. She was very clever, receptive and curious. Simply perfect. We would talk quite often. Once she shared with me that she had a father who was an alcoholic, that he used to hit them when they were little and that she often quarells with her mother because of money. That she hates him and she would prefer him dying of alcohol poisoning, so they could finally find peace at home. Strong words. She meant it. I could pity her and play her game of a victim and a judge, condemn such an awful father, but I said to myself that I won’t enter the destructional spiral together with her, but I will help her to get out from the destruction into the light of understanding, thus helping with her personal improvement. I asked her if she knew in what family her father grew up and what was his childhood like. She started telling me about her grandmother being the general of the entire family, about her grandfather that also drank… I asked her if she thinks that her grandmother or grandfather ever said to their son, to her father, that they loved him… if his mother hugged him every day at least once… if she had ever thanked him… if she had ever praised him… I helped to make that young woman understand her father’s matrix with the absence of Love. She started crying. It was a purifying cry. ? She FORGAVE her father and herself. She UNDERSTOOD.? She came home and embraced her father. Thanked him and told him she loved him. For the first time in her life.???

She freed herself from negative blocks and approach to her father, to men. She changed her already …..programmed destructional pattern into Love. Her father didn’t change. This wasn’t the goal. A change is something he would have to want. The goal was to change HER INNER WORLD and to put the light into her bubble. Through recognition and understanding.

She sees her father differently now. She loves him.

With Love,

Andrea ?

I’m here with new piece of knowledge every Wednesday.