Hello, my name is Andrea and I’ve been intensely working on myself and consciously developing my personality ever since I was 25 years old. However, something has changed inside of me in these last few weeks. I had and have everything. A loving family, health, money, a running business, friends, I traveled the world – North and South America, Caribbean, Africa, United Arab Emirates, Iceland, Europe, Asia, Mauritius, Bali, Japan – I saw the most beautiful places on our planet and even driving my large white Porsche was alright. However, my life puzzle was still missing the most important piece – a 100% of inner fulfillment … I made a DECISION to leave the business that I’ve been building for 11 years and set off on a completely different journey. It was a huge change that touched people close to me. They feel something big is happening. And yes, it is. Transformation.

My very first blogs are going to be about transformation. What exactly is transformation? Its an ongoing lasting inner change, that has numerous phases and is filled with wiles, challenges, hits on ego, self reflexion, courage to look at your self with a truthful eyes, refining yourself, overcoming emotional blocks, tears, learning, acknowledging, understanding, becoming wiser, happiness, gratitude and humility… In short, its a journey to Freedom and Love. Its a fairytale. Until the lazy drowsy ordinary boy can save the princess, his personality has to change and he has to face 3 difficult challenges. Only after which he is ready to become the king, only after he acquires the virtues worth a king, only after that, he is worth the love of the future queen. And they can live together in Love forever and ever after. The ordinary boy is our mind and the princess is our higher SELF that is sleeping and waiting until we are ready to save it. This is what my blogs are going to be about. Everybody on this beautiful planet is experiencing trasformation right now. Some people are still sleeping, others are waking up, and somebody is already fully awaken. We are all in this together, friends, we are one …. The fairytale has already begun. 

My historically first blog. I’m uploading it today 12.06. at 12:45. It was today 44 years ago that I was born. My 9 year-long cycle has ended today and ceremoniously, with nothing but humility and happiness, my new 9 year-long cycle has started, year no. 1.

The 1. day of the 1. year of the 5. cycle is numerologically starting today for me.

Today’s symbolic moment of birth is special to me. I’ve never had the need to celebrate the date of my birth. However, today is different. I’m not celebrating just a mere birthday, I’m celebrating the birth of my CHANGE. A big decision to publicly publish what is happening inside of me was born in me. I feel, that it needs to be done for many people that are experiencing similar TRANSFORMATION. And there indeed is a lot of us. I sense you through my heart, that has never failed nor deceived me. It’s connected to Truth. (… as your hearts are as well). Not to „my truth“, but to the ultimate Truth. And the heart says “give-write“ .

I’m going to write about the TRANSFORMATION that I’ve been undergoing intensely for couple of weeks. I’ll give CLARITY and LIGHT through my decisions and actions to people that I like and appreciate. I know that many don’t know nor understand. It’s alright. It makes them think, search and create.

In April I decided that I would make the huge change on 1. May. In fact, one of the biggest changes in my life. After 11 years of running a successful business, I decided to quit and retreat to silence. To end with the 9 year long cycle on all of the levels – mental, emotional and physical one. It’s not a rational decision, but a strong pressure of the soul, of the higher SELF, of the dreams and signs that at some point I couldn’t nor wanted to ignore anymore. These signs and „pokes“ were everywhere. I sensed, that the universe is giving me an important message. But you know how it goes, the endless cycle of work and family related activities kept me occupied to the point of not paying any closer attention to all of these signs. There was no time. I kept telling myself, I’ll do this then this and then I’ll sit down to the signs. However, after finishing all of my responsibilities I was so worn out that I would rather fall asleep in my husband’s arms than to sit down to the evening meditation. The last two signs, though, threw me off completely on an emotional level. The universe works on basic principles. When you don’t hear knocking, it’ll start kicking the door loudly or it’ll straight up hit you! And so to get out of the hypnotic cycle of responsibilities I was hit by it. What happened? I opened facebook one day and first thing that popped up was an article with Majka D. who lost her beloved husband. The photograph of her sad face and pained eyes had stuck with me. I felt an incredible compassion towards her and my eyes flooded with tears. I am asking myself: “what’s up with you?“ In order to calm myself down I started reorganazing old magazines with the intention of recycling them. When a very old magazine fell out of my hands and opened on an article with Majka D. !  At that moment my soul reacted like the Etna. Eruption. I feel like I cried tears that bore all of the world’s suffering then. This time I did not skip the evening meditation. I asked my spirit mentors for help. I was given a gift. A story with three beings – a bat, a dragon and an eagle. I don’t want to go into a detail with the story, since it’s not important for you. We all receive different signs. I was given an information that I need to understand the story thoroughly. I know one lady, that helped me to do so and connect it with all the signs and circumstances which had happened to me in the last few weeks. An explicit result. The fulfillment of my life purpose or my death. Simple. Ever since I was little I knew that it would come one day and here it is. As if my entire life embraced me at that moment and repeated – “I love you…you have a purpose…you are ready…believe…it’s time…“

Of course, the heart KNEW, but the head objected. Are you for real? Are you about to give up everything that you have been building for 11 years now, in a matter of a day? Now, when you are doing great? Now, that you are the best? Now, that you have your best years ahead of you? Are you going to leave your business, colleagues and friends just like that? And what are they going to think? That you are out of your mind, that you are not sane!!! Or that I am ill, that my husband and I had a fight and split up, that I surely have some kind of problem…  Various catasthropic scenarios will arise about me and do I really need that? And this is how I was under an attack by my realistic brain. It is his job, so I let him scream. Yes, I was aware that a shower of negative emotions awaites me, but I also knew that those who know me well will support me. And so happened. My heart, compared to my brain, has never failed me. It was saying- do it!

It was not an easy decision. However, that inner feeling of “I have to“ was clear and without hesitation. If you have ever been in a situation, where you simply know and don’t hesitate and every cell in your muscle is vibrating with the energy of change, excited and dazzling, then you know what I’m writing about … My SELF KNOWS, that I had to. For myself. When I look at it with the „normal“ person’s  eyes I understand that he doesn’t. However, my actions and decisions are not meant to be understood by others. They are mine with the responsibility that comes with them. And one important information. I’m not normal and never will! Normal according to the rules of society and the public opinion, according to the programmed ideas about women (and also men) and their lives. No, thank you. I have been doing my own thing through my own experiences ever since puberty. I know who I am and where I’m headed. And I’m walking filled with Piece, Gratitude, Humility, Hapiness, in Abundance, in Health and with Love, ready for my purpose.

I go through my personal TRANSFORMATION with the biggest support from my beloved husband who is my best friend at the same time. I’m grateful for him, for this human being that is closest to me. We have been walking together through several incarnations and are developing into a more perfect beings. My HUSBAND- is everything in one to me- my best friend and even a girl friend (he switches to a girl friend whenever we talk about women’s themes,and we do it the other way around as well, I too am his boy friend sometimes…), my perfect lover, until recently my business coach and a role model, my creative partner for all the joys and solutions. I’m grateful that I can be a WOMAN with him and live in love with our children, parents and friends.

In this TRANSFORMATIONAL time, my biggest NEED is to be with myself in a love-filled SILENCE. Despite me being the least myself in this state. Because in the state of silence I’m CONNECTED WITH EVERYTHING the most. Meditation and connecting to my higher self, connecting to my spiritual mentors, with the higher dimensions and a conscious work with energies has been my daily routine for couple of years now. Ever since I was small I bore questions – “What is the meaning of my life ? Why do we live and then die and what happens after? What is the meaning of it all?“ And I finally know the answers. They have several levels and so does everything.

That is also what my blogs are going to be about. And soon even a book. Just a small disclaimer – if you want to know the answers to your questions, learn how to be alone with just yourself in silence. If you are in noise you can’t hear the answer. Angels and spirit mentors are whispering. To be alone with just yourself, you need courage and a soul that craves KNOWLEDGE. Not ego craving information and nonsense that is taught in schools and with which we are fed in newspapers, media and the hypnotic box (TV). And the ego doesn’t want to be in silence. It wants to judge and compare. That’s good, this isn’t, I wouldn’t do it like this, this is worse, this is better and blah blah blah… Being in silence and not listening to the ego is art. And when the ego quietens, you will hear the voice of your angel.

I’m genuinely excited to share my experiences and principles of transformation with you. The world is changing and it’ll never be the same. It is and will be better. Even our world is undergoing the transformation. It is experiencing labor pain. The water in the ponds is changing, that’s why all of the fish can feel it. Some are oblivious, others are waking up and transforming. However, to be able to perceive what is happening the internal CHANGE is inevitable. Lot of us feel that „something“ is happening, many feel there is „something“ happening with themselves and they don’t have anyone around them who could help to clarify their thoughts and feelings that are leading them to do unusual actions. Perhaps, my experience could be useful to you.

Listen with your heart and the answer always comes.

Every Wednesday (since 21.06.2017)

I love my transformation.