During one pleasant summer night, me and my beloved Radovan sat on the terrace under the trees and we enjoyed present moment, relaxed and listened to a lecture from Petr Chobot. In that moment we both thought that we should meet with him in person. I started to look for information on Petr’s website and universe acted instantly on our desire. I discovered a page titled „expedition-peru“. We both strongly resonated with this information and IT WAS DECIDED. WE ARE GOING TO PERU!

We prepared for the expedition a month in advance. We had a strict diet and we drank strong herb teas for detoxication and clearing organism. Because Iam a vegetarian, it wasn’t a big deal. During first shaman ceremony I came to understand, why is it so IMPORTANT!

It was there, in Peru where I experienced one of the most powerful moments of my personal self-cognition, awakening and personal change. If  you resonate with the thought of going to Peru and experience what I am about to tell you about, do not hesitate. Only small amount of people on this planet will „feel it“. You would be surprised by how many famous people were inspired on their adventure here, on shaman trip in Peru. Scriptwriters of the Matrix movie supposedly got their inspiration here.. maybe it will be my experience to inspire you to activity.

It’s been 8 months since we returned from Peru. I wanted to write this blog right after my return, but events took a fast fall, something didn’t let me write. I felt Ayahuasca’s effects even months after return. We were in Peru during the end of November 2017 and from our return „things are happenning“… We talked to many people after our return and many of them wanted to experience this magical experience with shaman ceremonies. BUT there is something, what you have to know.

I didn’t know anything about Petr’s expeditions, I haven’t heard anything about them. So I started to gather information. Even though there is everything on his sites, I started getting information from different sources. And that is when I found out that you go to these shaman ceremonies where they serve you this „consciousness expanding drug“ – AYAHUASCA. That was my first time meeting with this herb. I started watching videos of people who had experiences with AYA ( Iam gonna use this shortcut for AYAHUASCA). So these were quite interesting stories. That was when information about Petr started coming to me. And they weren’t always positive and flattering. But I knew Iam still going! I knew that I shouldn’t let myself get scarred away because of someone else’s scary story or experience. I observed my surroundings. Many people were looking at us through OPTICS OF FEAR. But that’s what they also do in their everyday life – they don’t make decisions in accordance with their inner self, but they act in accordancce with this unconsciouss fear formula, fear and many others. This is how they react to changes. Change takes their „security“ to which their ego sticks. So I just observed, kept my vigilance, i was open to every point of view and every experience but, just like an observer. In my meditations I asked and I got answers. My soul longed to step up, closer to my nature, my light that I am, my heart desired to open up to unconditionall love, so I let myself follow. I knew that Peru is a part of my journey, filling my mission. Interesting synchronicities happenned. I even found out that my friend’s boyfriend went with Petr to Peru twice. Of course we met and cleared many practical things within expedition. That’s when I felt that every expedition is different for everybody and everybody experiences AYA differently.

What even is this AYAHUASCA? AYAHUASCA is the queen of all plants. It’s a vine that grows in the Amazon jungle. Amazonian shamans brew a decoction with their secret recept during a ritual. They are in connection with AYA, it’s their spiritual plant, they see it’s soul, they communicate with it and it teaches them. Decoction from AYA contains DMT – dimethyltryptamin, so it has psychic effects, it is a psychedelic. It’s consumation causes a change of sense-perception. Essentially WACHUMA or cactus SAN PEDRO have both similar effects. Wachuma grows in the mountains, in secret places in Peru. Not many Europeans or people living here in Peru have the possibility to use this rare cactus.

I will not write about the way there, nor about the details of traveling within Peru. I do not write a travelogue. If someone is more interested in the country and places where we meditated and experienced the ceremony, contact me. We arrived in Lima, we took the bus and traveled through Peru for a few hours, with a short stop for lunch in Ica, Nazca. The town of Nazca is directly on the Nazca plateau. The platform is world-known for enormous shapes of animals and ornaments. Scientists‘ views differ in how they originated and who „produced“ them. They were discovered only a few years ago, from aircraft height. From below, they are so huge you do not know that you are standing in some shape. As part of a voluntary trip, we flew a small motorized airplane over Nazca, and what I experienced above the patterns in the air made me realize that the shapes are ALIVE, MULTIDIMENZIONAL that they are activated portals and there is an extraterrestrial life there. Immediately after the takeover, I felt the vibration of the shapes, the energy wave of Love and I started crying. Even few hours later, tears ran. I felt that the shapes are working with me in the distance. Peru was a landscape in which I felt like I was moving in a different dimension and on another planet. The unceasing waves of the Pacific Ocean, rocky beaches and mountains covered with sand. Amazon’s jungle with beautiful rivers that twisted like anacondas, everything is different.

During the first week, our first stop was a very nice hotel in Nazca. We stayed in pairs in simply furnished rooms. But we had warm water, which made mostly us female very happy. Every day, we went out by bus and took equipment with us, like tents, sleeping bags, blankets, warm clothes, water and food and visited some SPIRITUALLY POWERFUL PLACE.

The first week we were accompanied by a mountain shaman Júlio from CUSCO and his apprentice. The difference between mountain and amazonian shamans was that the mountain shaman handed us a drink from the WACHUMA mountain cactus and during the ceremony they played together with the apprentice on various musical instruments. Amazonian shamans served AYAHUASCA and they sang.

The first ceremony began in a pleasant atmosphere at the hotel in Nazca. Peter looked after us and observed what was happening. It was under 100% control. The members of his team were great, still available, willing to advise and help. The shamanic ceremony began with a common ritual when shaman Júlio consecrated a drink from the SAN PEDRO – WACHUMA Cactus. It looked like a greasy green smoothie made of slugs and vegetables. It stenched really badly and it tasted really bad too. Each of us stood before Júlio and got a cup of this blessed drink. Each sip was very difficult to swallow, some gagged after each gulp. It was fun! At that time I learned a new Czech word – „NÁŠĽAP“ – the time after which effects of the consumable substance will begin to appear. So until the „kick“ we had to  wait 1.5 hours. After drinking, we put the equipment on the bus and for 1 hour we traveled to the first sacred place of the old Inca, Július’s ancestors. It was all mystical, magical, very spiritual and for some, even scary.

We found ourselves in the desert in Nazca, near the sand dune, on an old Indian burial ground. It was a government-guarded enclosed and publicly inaccessible place where excavations were found. Everywhere around us were bones, remains of the fabrics from the graves and a mysterious silence. The sky beamed with thousands of stars. We made a site, Petr’s team made a hearth and we spread our tents. Days were hot and during nights the temperature sometimes dropped to 15 degrees. I started slowly to feel the „kick“ of wachuma. My body was vibrating, and my consciousness was as out of my reach. It was a nice feeling, but not for everyone. Some people from our group had to throw up wachuma and it’s bitterness in the bus. My stomach was also tingling for a while, but I breathed it out. Well then it started!

At the sacred place of the old Incas, we made a ceremony as a „thank you“for the Sun, and Júlio led us all. Then we sat or kneeled into the sand. The shaman came to each of us and did something with our heads. When he left me, my head bursted with energy as if a new energy canal has been born and my head broke into the sand with my gratitude … then it came! My first experience! Consciousness spread, my clairvoyant powers opened and I watched with a third eye as Mother Earth conected with me through the sacred fire. I watched energy, I was like a little child who saw black and white and suddenly discovered colors and shapes. I felt great joy and enthusiasm! I cried, tears were falling down, but at the same time I was filled with peace, gratitude and humility in my heart. I watched people around me, their moving energies, and I was enjoying the beauty of the world around me. Somebody was throwing up, somebody was crying, somebody coughed, somebody smiled … I happily observed new world around me. Júlio and his apprentice began to play their musical instruments after sunset. It was not „just“ music. They were conscious rhythms, aware tones that worked with our vibrations, our energies. I felt it when shaman worked with the energy center and when it increased our vibrations. Júlio sat in one place but moved energetically and approached the one of us who needed it. At one point, I felt him right next to me as he played by my ear. It was so natural that I could swear he was right next to me. I opened my eyes and he still sat in his place, against me next to the fire and played with his eyes closed. I tried to communicate with him telepathically and … it worked. I also communicated with Petr. At that moment, it was all natural. This is what our NATURAL capabilities are! I have understood how much we are confused with mental and emotional smog, toxins and poisons, so controlled by emotional blocks and mental programming of our minds with this system that we can not do it anymore. But we have this ability. After meditation I lay next to the fire and looked at the sky. Well, it was a huge shock! The stars were no longer just the radiant dots in the sky … they were glowing, moving and communicating beings (stars and planets) they mingled with sacred geometry, sacred figures … I saw the flower of life everywhere I looked, wonderful shapes that changed and constantly communicated. Now that I describe it with earthly words, I have to smile at it, because the physical words are too restrictive, and not even the hundredth of what I experienced when looking at the heavenly beauty. As I lay down and enjoyed this filled with gratitude, part of the sky as if began to move all the way … I focused my attention on this direction and I screamed out of excitement! Whaaat? Above me, this weird alien ship „floated“, illuminating everything and  connecting to me through love of music – I felt safe and peaceful. The ship was huge and in some places it seemed as if it faded. I will never forget this experience and I know it’s a reality. They are here. After the ceremony on the second day, we asked local people about the various shapes of the Nazca Plateau, and all of us told us that Nazca is a MULTIDIMENSIONAL PLACE where many civilizations live and alien ships are landing and flying off. The alien encounter is common here and their boats have „weak“ coverage in these places. That’s why they can be seen. Well, great. When I’ll talk about this at home they’re gonna send me to an asylum – these were my first thoughts. But I know what I saw and how I felt. My heart never lied to me and it KNOWS. The heart is connected to TRUTH and LIGHT, to GOD RHYTHM and therefore my barometer of truth is my heart.

You may be thinking – but it is clear that she saw aliens and energy when it was under the influence of the drug – the cactus wachuma. Yes I agree. Thanks to this sacred plant and its gifts, I could experience what I’m approaching and what I’m opening now, even without the use of any substance. The plant showed me what I know and what abilities I can recreate and begin to use. It softened and increased my vibrations and connected me to the Source. It showed me the way. Today I know it without Wachuma. And that’s the goal. To start using your light energy potential to create. With every single step I make, a new world opens up to me with new abilities. You know it too, you just believed that you are only a body and someday you’ll die. Booooo what a deception!

After about 4 hours, the effect began to drop rapidly and we started packing our stuff to go back to the hotel. People were calm, self-absorbed, they absorbed and processed experiences and knowledge. My spouse was making jokes as always, and made a group of guys there laugh. Everyone except me was OK.

For me,THE WORST NIGHT OF MY LIFE began! The stomach pain already started in the bus and I felt sick. After returning to the hotel I ran to the toilet and stayed there for several hours, I was completely exhausted, I was vomiting black fluid, I coughed, cried and with all this going on, my guts were cleaning. I suffered in a brutal, unclean way, and my head was overwhelmed with intense pain. It was terrible. For a while, I thought my physical body will not stand it. It lasted. The natural births of my three beloved children have been a „piece of cake“ compared to this nightly, several-hour suffering. When my body allowed me to sleep for a while, in my half-sleep everything made sense. A few months ago, I began to clean up my family line. These are very strong ritual sessions, during which the family line returns to the begining. Who once begins to clean up the family line,it must be done every two months on the same day until the end ofthe  life! In the book I am writing, you will find a detailed step by step guide for cleaning your family line. At that moment, there in Nazca, I did not think of connecting this activity with shamanic ceremonies. So I did not tell about this to Petr. It should’ve been that way. I felt that my family line was completely cleansed during this night! Vomiting of the black fluid now made sense to me. The suffering of the whole night was worth it! My family line is clean. My children won’t be carrying the burden of our line. At that moment I received and understood this knowledge, I felt how my body started to regenerate and minute by minute I was gaining more strength. That was the first and the last time of my whole Peru trip that I vomited and felt sick.

From now on, Wachuma and AYAhuasca didn’t clean me at all, they taught me. For a few years I’ve worked intensively on cleaning up my subconscious mind and patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, I’ve been a vegetarian for a few years and I only accept meals that increase my vibrations, I disconnected from the system, I meditate every day, practice yoga exercises, I create, I connect with mother nature and the universe, I am happy, healthy, my inner doctor is 100% stronger, so that I can deepen my abilities, connect with my role and give you experience and knowledge that can inspire you to change. From this moment I did not vomit – not even my beloved man (he also works on himself intensively for a long time).

We were fine, but others started having trouble. The internal work process started. Wachuma is a loving plant that will show you the beauty around you, connect you with nature, heavens, elements, and slowly opens your consciousness, so that you can experience in humility and joy who you can be. This is how we worked with Wachuma for several days, always at some sacred place of old Incas. We were at the sacred mountain in the Andes where a rare kind of condor lives. These huge birds fled right above us and their sound echoed from the rocks, penetrated our hearts and made us happy. Their singing opened our hearts. We were lying in a circle on the rocks and meditated while Shaman Júlio and his apprentice sang. We became rocks. Wachuma deepened our senses and connected us with mother earth. But on that day I did not consume Wachuma. I didn’t do it. Just looking at the fluid in the bottle was enough for me. Still, the singing and vibration of singing combined, connected me with stone and earth, and my consciousness was expanded. Petr and his team of people were constantly watching us. Petr has always been around, and the situation has been controlled energetically. Because he is clairvoyant and has the ability to astrally travel, no problem occurred. A few times he asked myself telepathically whether DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE? My answer: „I KNOW WHO I AM“.

The third ceremony with Wachuma was the most beautiful for me. I love water in all its forms. We came to a small rocky beach surrounded by stones and mountains, a sacred quiet place on a shore of an ocean, a place where penguins, sharks, sea lions and whales live and ocean water is crystal clear. Later I found it had about 14 degrees celsius. The sun shone, but the cold wind blew. Petr told us that every one of us will get a personal mountain herb cleansing ritual from a shaman. Then it is necessary to connect with the heart, with the element of water and bathe in the ocean – immerse the entire head. Some of us protested that it is very cold and water even colder. My beloved walked into the ocean and his face said it all. I was sure that under no circumstances would I enter the ocean. The ceremony began with a common ritual drink of Wachuma, we laid down tent and each of us had a meditation from Petr to hear. We all had pre-recorded meditation in our cellphones, and he determined each day according to our survival and inner process which meditation is appropriate for us on that day. Everything was voluntary. If anyone did not need to meditate, he did not do it. If someone did not have the need to use Wachuma, he did not use it. Everything was voluntary and free will was 100% accepted.

Some people go to Peru because of their health. There were also very sick people among us, who tried different types of treatment and this was the last chance and great hope for them. We’ve gone to Peru to improve our abilities and gain new spiritual knowledge. Gradually, we were experiencing the shamanic purgatory ceremony. I have it recorded but, I fully accept Júlio’s wish not to be a „star“ of youtube, so I will not put it on the web but I can show it in case of interest and after my consideration.

I watched others as they experienced the ceremony. During the ceremony, they sat on a chair, and Júlio said something to them, indicating how they should breathe, so they quickly got into another state of consciousness. I was curious about the process, because it seemed as if these people did not know about themselves. Júlio used various interesting shamanic aids – herbs, whistles, rattles, tobacco, water, feathers, drums … After the ritual, we all went to the ocean automatically. At that moment I did not understand. Then, it was my turn. Just in swimsuit and shirt I sat on a chair and I fully surrendered to a cleansing ritual. Júlio is a great conscious man, my heart resonated with him, so trust was in place. He first taught me to breathe properly, and I felt that he did something energetical with my head. As if opening an energy channel, and through the channel, energy with such high vibrations was triggered into my energy system that I was instantly in a different state of consciousness. I was just breathing … I was just breath in and exhale… no physical body … just my consciousness that was happening in breath only… later I was „happening“ in the gaps between breath and exhale … wonderful state of being. .. connected to the source, to Love … I remember how Júlio lifted me from the chair after the end of the ritual, put my head in cold water and it forced me to return to the physical perception of the world. I looked at him, he held my head in his big hands, looked into my eyes with his wise eyes and said something. I just remember … „dont be afraid“ … He let go of my head and I wished for a connection with water, with the elemental water, with this wonderful purifying being and naturally, slowly I walked in the ice cold water and at the same time I thanked the water for being … until I was submerged under water … the water was so brutally cold that I could not breathe but I managed to go out just fine and already at a very fast pace I went to the shore to wrap to the towel. I had a wonderful feeling of absolute unlimited love, my heart opened and enlarged and enlarged, swallowed up the whole planet, the entire galaxy, the whole universe..

Júlio worked all day on our cleansing and was still fit, full of energy and smiled. Just before dusk, we climbed to a high rock near the beach. So far, I have the beautiful scenery of the ocean and the sunset in front of me. The climb to a steep cliff above the ocean was difficult for some, so they decided to wait in the bus and they didn’t visit the mountain.

The last ceremony with the mountain shaman Júlio and Wachuma was again in the desert in Nazca, in the sacred place, at the Inc burial ground. We all enjoyed it and we already knew it there. The holy fire burned, and Júlio and his apprentice played for several hours. It seemed to me that the effect of Wachuma was as if stronger and faster. I saw the sacred geometry completely everywhere … in the wood carbon in the flaming fire, it was as though painted, and those shapes reminded me very much of the decoration in the old temples. I know where our ancestors took their inspiration from. By the fact that they still had the abilities of clairvoyance etc. , they just painted and formed what they saw around them. Those patterns of sacred geometry were all over. I looked at the rock and as if I saw it’s energy structure, it’s vibrations … More and more distinctly, we perceived sounds, smells and sensations. Júlio made us vibrate with his shamanic music and connected us to the higher worlds. I had a connection with a local dead shaman whose spirit lives right there. I will not write it down but he taught me much … well and I had an experience with an alien ship again. We were on the toilet on a sandy hill, there was a beautiful view of some small local airport. There are lots of these airports in Nazca. There were small planes flying and landing, until I saw something completely different. I immediately registered it. The shape was different, the sound was different, and it shone differently. It was flying so that it was spinning and it was coming to MEEE! The energy around me has changed significantly and the ship has begun to telepathically communicate with me if I want to meet !!! … well, I was not ready yet and my response was a very strong NOO , I’m just peeing here and I’m gonna go away … and I ran to my Radovan, who was waiting for me on a hill under a desert tree. We hugged … and there in the wilderness of Nazca, under a deserted old tree, we experienced a connection of male and female energies … We felt the energy of Mary Magdalene and Christ. In this way, in the embrace, the flood of love, we perceived the unity of the double-flame, observing the sacred geometry of the celestial bodies above us. Blessings. Gradually we all came to the fire and created a circle. Júlio stopped playing and our vibrations merged into a very strong circle, in the center of which the fire was burning. Petr vibrated us with breathing even more, and together, by our expanding heart energy, we have healed our loved ones, our homes, our cities, our lands and the entire planet of the Earth at a distance. We were glowing like torches.

On the second day a long trip awaited us, firstly to Lima and from there to Puerto Maldonado. During our bus trip to Lima, we stopped at the famous Paracas peninsula. Peter advised us to meditate on Supay Beach. All this territory had a special divine mysterious atmosphere. The beach was long, sandy-pebbled, all flanked by a high cliff, and there were remnants of sea animals, especially fish and nobody else. Above our heads big birds screamed. Locals don’t usually visit this beach. Because of the lower flow, bathing is very dangerous, which is reflected in its name – the diabolical beach. Well that name is not because of the lower current. It’s  it’s energy . During the sunset, which fell above the surface, we saw a beautiful scenery. It was like a sign that it is time to start meditating, meditating and connect to the energies that have just begun to „run“. I sat about 5 meters from the ocean when I suddenly felt as if the energy of water, earth, air and fire had caught up and created energy bridges with my energy centers – chakras. When I physically felt the energy in the chakras spin faster and I felt connected to the energy purifier. It was very intense. The feeling that has after the end of the cleansing process faded, it can not really be described. It can only be experienced. Just before the complete darkness we spread the tents and with my beloved man we were lying in the tent together for the first time. Neither I nor him ever went camping before. And so we lay in an embrace, dressed in sleeping bags and enjoying the energy of the waves. After the eclipse, it all got even stronger. The sound of unsettled ocean and waves reflected from the cliff that was behind us. We dived into another meditation and experienced the same experience. We have become waves, we have become the ocean, we have become such a massive sound. We completely forgot about physical body and enjoyed the game as waves in the ocean. From that moment on, it was much easier for me to move out my body during meditation and to become something else, to become whatever I wanted to be. This ocean and diabolical beach gave me such a gift.

Before midnight, we packed our tents, sat on the bus, and continued on our way to Lima to the airport. There was a week in the Amazon rainforest with Amazon shamans from the deep jungle ahead of us. From Puerto Maldonado, we sailed to our camp in the jungle. I was prepared for the simplest living conditions but our camp overcame my expectations. The cottages were right on the shore of the sacred river Madre de Dios. We were in a cottage built on wooden stakes, there were just nets on the windows, we had a mosquito net over the bed and we had hot water in the shower. In front of the cottage there was a mango tree, a banana tree, lemon grass and beautiful flowers of all colors … This is great! The weather was different here. It was warm and very humid. Fauna and flora of splendor! Everything lived here and was much bigger than I ever saw.

At the beginning of our cottage camp there was a central cottage. It served as a dining room and a ceremonial room. Some of our band had already been with Petr in a juggle on shamanic ceremonies with AYAhuasca. We asked them, what is the difference between Wachuma and AYAhuasca? Everyone agrees that Wachuma is loving, joins you with the earth, with nature, shows you the beauty and takes you a bit to your subconscious trip, BUT AYA will catch you and will not let you go. And everyone says they get vomiting and diarrhea. So after my experience with Wachuma, I knew it clearly. With AYAhuasca, you have to cooperate and listen to her leadership. It is a queen of plants. Some of us felt fear, worry and I do not know what else… I and Radovan were looking forward to it. I knew AYA knows why I was here and it’s going to lead me. I joined with the jungle in my heart and sent her my loving touch and my thanks.

Petr told us to meditate before our FIRST CEREMONY, we relaxed, we washed our clothes and gradually went to massage. The first night with AYA was approaching. I’ve ever experienced anything like it before, and so I was very curious. The meeting was at 4pm. Imagine a large room with a wooden floor without windows, only with nets, with a high roof of dried palm leaves. Very nice natural environment. There were mattresses on the ground and a washbasin and a toilet paper for each mattress. The shamans sat as if they were at the head of the room, and Petr and his team against them. On the sides, we each intuitively chose our place and we put our blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, water and coca cola on our mattresses. What’s interesting is that we had coca cola for a „prescription“ here. And really, without this drink I cannot imagine the stay here in the jungle with all the ceremonies and stuff. The pressure changed a lot, and ceremonies have been physically very demanding for some. So we were adding sugars and stimulants from the coca plant. Coca grows everywhere in Peru and it is a regular tea that you can get anytime and anywhere in restaurant here. It is delicate and tasty. They have a special relationship with this plant here, so special that we cannot really understand.

Me and Radovan chose place right next to the door so, if it was necessary we could quickly run to the toilet. When the shamans came into the room, I started to shine! Two men among them was one WOMAN! Petr said that this is her first experience with white people of Europe. She had a penetrating gaze and she was young. I knew she was here for me! Even now, when I write about it, I feel our connection that is forever. I feel it and when I deal with some „things“ during my meditation at home, I call her telepathically and she helps. She taught me many things and she still continues to do so. Petr officially opened the first ceremony, explained to us what was going to happen, his team members were on the alert and available. The shamans were gradually introduced to us (Petr translated) and gradually we went to drink a drink from AYAhuasca. Petr did not use anything. He was still energetically mapping us. When needed, he also helped the shamans. Danka, a member of his team, told us aloud during the first ceremony that it was time to drink water, but during other ceremonies she told us telepathically. The effects of AYA kicked in, in about 30-40 minutes. During the onset of her effect, we lay on mattresses, relaxed or meditated.

AND SO IT BEGAN! I felt that my body had become much heavier as if it had become one with the ground. Every move was tedious and it took much longer to move! Then I saw my head as if embedded in the leaves of the Amazon forest, and I felt how I was expanding my consciousness. The sounds were more intense, and suddenly I saw how a huuuge white serpent with golden glowing eyes is coming towards me. His eyes were beautiful and radiant with wisdom. I stood tiny before the noble creature of AYAhuasca, and she asked me why I came and what I want. I said that I wanted to connect with my life mission that I wanted to get all my abilities back,that I wanted to remember everything I learned in the mystical school of Egypt, that I want to activate my ability to activate yet another 10 DNA threads and that I want to fulfill what I’m in this incarnation here and now, because I know who I am. I suddenly felt like it was flying up through different dimensions, there were shapes of sacred geometry again, those shapes were beautiful and they changed their shape, the flower of life spun and shone around me, over me, beneath me. And the space opened. Suddenly there was silence and peace. I was lying there, on that mattress and in my physical body, I felt exactly where AYA is located. She moved in me like a waving serpent and diagnosed every organ, every cell in the body. The best scanner in the world. Several times I felt the pressure, and I sweat a lot. AYA then stopped in an organ and examined it up to its energy structure, and immediately cured it when something was not okay. The whole diagnosis took place very quickly. I felt calm. I fully surrendered to it and waited for what was going to happen. I felt as if connected to the genius mechanism that communicates with me, it shows me everything I do and 100% diagnoses me. AYA evaulated that my physical body was okay and moved into the head. That truly was an experience. I she ran through my head and sometimes I had so much pressure in the jaw and in the forehead that I had to push them by hand and create a counter-pressure. AYA evaluated that my teeth was not completely okay and started a healing process. At the same time, she was telling me that it is necessary to have healthy teeth in order to enter the next spiritual level. And it started. There were hundreds of small workers in my head, spreading into teeth, nerve fibers, blood vessels, bones, and their work began. I watched as I pull new nerve fibers as they activate, repair my eyes, exchange some nerves and exchange coils, clean the dental ducts. Like I was born again. And gradually there came more, others were different, and the process of nerve fiber exchange, their activation and stretching of new nerve fibers continued throughout the body. It was very pleasant. AYA told me that in order to be able to carry out my mission here on the earth, and to be able to communicate with my light substance, which gradually flows into me, they must change my physical body and activate it. I felt as if something was stuck in the fifth chakra. AYA looked up into the open sky and shouted : „Who can help this creature od light to clear and activate the fifth energy center? “ Instantly, a turquoise beam of light was focused on my chakra, and I only heard, „We Pleiadians can help.“ I heard about them, but I never really knew them that well, so yes, the Pleiadians activated my fifth communication chakra. It sounds strange but it is so. Activation of my head and body happened during the first ceremony and during shaman singing and it took 5 hours. A word ACTIVATION rang in my head for a couple days.

I perceived people around me. Nearly all of them were vomiting and burping. Later I understood that AYA will catch you and clean you. First, the physical body, then the energetic body, then the astral body, that is to say, first moves with you to the lowest levels of your subconscious, advances from the lowest to the finer energy, and gradually everything that stands in the path cleans and expels out of the physical, astral and mental body . When she finishes cleaning, she will take you and teach you. Since I and my beloved have been working on ourselves for years, AYA has been easy on us and just fly through our healthy physical body right into the energetic body. But those who have been in Peru because of health issues didn’t have it so easy. Some have vomited during the ceremony for several hours. AYA cleansed and treated the physical body, but at the same time showed them the cause of their physical illness, while also treating their subconscious blocks, unnecessary patterns, malfunctioning programs and burdens. AYA forced them to UNDERSTAND and get a KNOWLEDGE of themselves. Multiple times, shamans had to interfere and help some to „pull“ their pain from them. I watched as a shaman pulled the pain out of one boy from his heart chakra directly into himself and he then vomited it out. The people who came to Peru to heal looked bad at first and their pain was visible on them. At the end of the stay they looked different, felt different, talked differently. They have changed. We have also changed. Whether their condition is permanent and whether their diagnoses have disappeared I do not know. Our state of personality and physical change is permanent and continues on.

It is important to know that AYA is a very strong creature and I never recommend to use it without professional supervision, without a protection of a conscious person or shaman. A person should be ready before the AYA ceremony, they should know about their energy centers-chakras, they should know how to meditate and know at least the basic laws of Universe. And important is the monthly diet, because AYA doesn’t go well with some types of human food, and death can be caused. One of such life-threatening is mold in food. And it can be in nuts and seeds … If a man does not prepare for a meeting with AYAhuasca with due responsibility and humility, he will suffer, he will be lost and it will not have any meaning … he just flies around in the astral world, they will see some beings, and they will appreciate it as a super hallucination after the drug. That’s why some go to Peru. AYAhuasca is sold in almost every pub there. But it’s just pure business of local people who abuse unknowing people. The real drink from AYAhuasca can be prepared only by shamans. And the use of AYAhuasca is also a ritual process during which shamans sing ritual songs and the vibration of the tones guides you. AYA is the queen who cures you and teaches you the wisdom of Universe. That’s why I do not recommend this experience to unknowing and unprepared people as the first experience with the spiritual world. But again on the other side, maybe this powerful experience will be what will awaken you. Listen to your heart and your higher ME will lead you in the right direction.

Our days went by peacefully. In the morning we had free program or a chance to go on a shared trip around. I will not write about trips, even though they were unforgettable moments in the arms of Mother Nature and people living there in jungle. They are inherently beautiful people who communicate with each other telepathically, they decide based on knowledge of the laws of the universe, natural laws and rhythms. And they are happy.

After lunch we meditated and prepared for the ceremony. Each of us was working on his own inner world and. Each of us came to Peru because he wanted to understand and change things. There were teachers, managers, businessmen, doctors, young people looking for their direction, sick people looking for health … every story was unique. We always got a light meal after the ceremony and we shared our experiences. We laughed very much and even wept. Whenever someone passed through knowledge, forgave someone or felt the disease to improve, we were happy together. Just a group of madmen in the jungle.

I felt AYAHUASCA even between the ceremonies. She „did her’s“ and still worked with me. For the next 6 months after returning from Peru, I still felt her „passing through“ my body and my energy at night.

During one ceremony, our dear mother Earth gave me precious gifts. Some I already know how to use, some I don’t. I lay on a mattress wrapped in my sleeping bag, and then my legs were rooted in a huge tree. I knew it was a sacred tree. The connection with him was tuned to higher selections and frequencies. Suddenly under his roots, two snakes came to me. Through my basic first chakra, which immediately began to burn, slipped into my energy system, they always crossed in the chakra and advanced upward. In the fifth chakra they crossed and in my head, at the level of the sixth chakra, their heads faced against each other. There was a chalice-gral between them. At that moment, I flew out of my body, decreased and flew around them. I started to pet them and they turned into beautiful glowing dragons. I enjoyed their presence and felt a very powerful dragon transformative creative energy.

During the next ceremony the old sacred tree with me reunified. From under his roots a very old, very old serpent slowly approached me. It had a gray chin, as if it had it’s hair and a golden crown on it’s head and shone with purple light. Fuuu, I felt respect and humility at the same time. I asked him, „Who are you?“ And he replied that he was the king of the jungle. I asked him if he would teach me. He said yes. Then, through my basic chakra, he slipped into my energy channel that goes through the spinal cord and I instantly burst. In my jugular chakra he bit into my head. I felt his teeth for a long time in my eyes and his head on my head. For a few days it felt like walking with a helmet on. I was still asking Radovan if there was something on my head. Naturally, nobody saw anything except clairvoyants.

When I arrived from Peru, Eva was enjoying the sight of a serpent being bit in my head as he blew a flame through my third eye,This is how I received the first gifts from mother Earth : two dragon snakes and a king of the jungle who teaches me and is still with me. I know he’ll go away someday but he’s with me now. More about these gifts and their activation in me will be written in a book that I have already started writing. It will be interesting reading.

During the next ceremony, I received a gift of knowledge of unconditional love. A boy, who lied next to Radovan burped very loudly, coughed and even wept was getting on my nerve on one point. Then AYA showed me the following picture. She showed me the spark of God – the spell of Love in each of us. Even in the boy. And suddenly, a beam of light was shining above him, shining brightly.Energy of LOVE. I understand that we are all LOVED. We are all loved by unconditional love. And for a moment I became that loving Love. I UNDERSTOOD EVERYTHING. He who loves, does not judge nor compare. As I am writing now, words are limiting me to a great degree. It is not possible to describe this experience with words of earthly speech. It can only be experienced and felt. WE ARE ALL LOVED.

My activation continued during all ceremonies, and I remember screaming in to the Universe : „IAM PREPARED! IAM HERE! ACTIVATE THIS BODY! I NEED IT ACTIVATED!“ At that time I did not quite understand it, but today I know that I have 6 active DNA threads out of the 12 DNA threads. A common man living in Matrix has only 2 threads of 12 active. My activation is still going on and it’s still continuing till the end of 2018. I’m also writing about what’s happening this year and about my activation and awakening in the upcoming book.

Thus, during the shamanic ceremonies, I received other spiritual gifts: a long dark blue cloak with bright stars, my power animal came to me , a lioness and she settled in my heart, on the jungle king, still covering my head, sat a white owl with golden eyes , on my belt there is a wooden chalice that is still filled with water, my left hand holding a sacred stick and in the right Anch.

During one of the ceremonies I telepathically connected to the shaman and asked her to help me find the lock from the key that I received as a gift. The key was Anch. At that time I knew one thing. I have a key, so somewhere there must be a lock. I watched as the shaman bound me with her voice and my learning started. Shaman guided me through various mystical places in the world, showing me different gates in various worlds and portals. But my Anch did not fit anywhere. Shaman only smiled and it started to get to me. No lock exists! I’m the LOCK. I AM THE LOCK AND THE KEY! As soon as I came to this knowledge, the shaman hugged me and stepped away from me. At that moment, I became ANCH. I stood on surface of a calm lake. In that moment, Anch started to rotate at great speed. He rotated until he started to burn. I was burning. I burned as a crystal fire. I became the one I am without my physical body. I experienced myself. I was just a burning consciousness. That’s me when I’m not just incarnated in some physical body. I AM THE CRYSTAL FIRE! At that moment I moved to a higher vibrational level. This experience also cannot be described in words. It’s a feeling of absolute FREEDOM. From this experience, I know consciously can vibrate and energetically burn. It helps me in meditations in which I extend my consciousness and connect myself to the higher worlds. Words are very restrictive. I have to smile as I write these words.

During one ceremony, Satan approached me. I knew it was him. His brilliant beauty, intelligence, and cold light instantly revealed him. He came, we hugged and I felt that in the primary nature HE is my light brother. We talked about people and his mission for a long time. He showed me how he fulfilled people’s desires and as human negative, low and destructive vibrations are calling him and he has to make them happen. He showed me different situations, and I asked him to give me his wisdom. It happened! He showed me how people in themselves create a devil, behave with low vibrations of fear, anger, envy, hatred, bondage, low sexuality, and then complain that they are sick that they are depressed… and showed me how awakened person birthes the devil out of his body and returns him to the astral. Birth is happening through the head, through vomiting, sore, grunts, and the like. With words, my knowledge of the devil is impossible to describe. But today I know how he works and I know that in his essence he serves humanity to make mankind awaken! He also resonates in accordance with God’s Will and the Laws of Universe. He too is in service! And thus, a person working on himself, one who develops his lost abilities, one who no longer responds in fear, anger and similar restrictive programs, is out of the reach of devil’s instruments and such a person no longer needs spiritual waking up through suffering.

Peru has definitely changed my personality. I have many experiences that left a mark. I take KNOWLEDGE. I know WHO I AM, I know what my role is in this incarnation and I activate to fulfill it, I have gifts, and I am gradually learning to use them.

After Peru, miracles happened and they still continue to happen. I am also writing about this in my upcoming book.

With all my heart I want to thank Petr Chobot for his light and that he moves his own knowledge further to other people, his work is really great. Thank you Danka, Maťka, the whole Petr’s team – as well as the professor for everyday professional interpretation, thanks to all of us from the expedition in Peru, that we have been together because, thanks to you, I know WHO I AM.

And the biggest thank you to my beloved Radovan. Thanks to him we have traveled so far to the unknown, thanks to his FAITH in me. Thanks to him I can be a WOMAN-goddess, thanks to him, I am opening up to my role, my MISSION, thanks to his Love to me, I shine with radiance and joy.

Thank you Radovan for walking this path with me.

We are blessed by Mary Magdalene and the entire Universe.

I will upload videos and photos from the expedition on

With Love, Andrea