Throughout my Transformation, I realised that I have full responsibility  towards myself, others and the Universe for everything that I do, feel and think.? I realised that my thoughts, emotions and actions are all part of one whole, one genius organism, one Universe and Universal laws. I realised that I’m part of the God’s light and embracing Love. ? I realised that I’m never alone, no matter where I am or what I’m doing.?

I see and sense Love and god’s Wisdom everywhere.? With each breath I take I sense the pure Love God gives me and with each exhale I return it back to him with humility and gratitude.? I see Love in every sunrise and sunset, in every rustle of leaves on trees, in every rain, cloud, the singing of birds, the animal language, in vegetables, in fruits, in water, earth, fire, wind, in the sound of the sea waves, in every person, animal, plant, stone…? God is everywhere and in everything, I am Him, He is Me. ? I’m not referring to any religion. What I mean by that is the primordial God, Source.?

I remember how in school we were taught that a human is the master of creation and rules this planet.? Matrix does its job in educational system quite well. I decided to write and show you the hierarchy of creation, hierarchy of beings, so you can recognize, just the way I did, where in the hierarchy does the HUMAN stand. Instead of being proud on our position(postavenie), you will realise that beneath and mainly above us are hierarchies of more matured beings. ? Human is part of the God’s hierarchy and has a great purpose. It’s the only being in this hierarchy with a FREE WILL.

The purpose of a human is to evolve into Creation with Word and to transform the planet Earth into a planet Love. The entire god’s hierarchy believes in us, patiently waiting. ?  The beings of light help us, until we wake up, light up,  become wiser and help from us lower hierarchies to fulfil their purpose. ? Since the Universe is dual, an Antiworld also plays an important part in this game. It’s there and after all IT also serves God.???

Spiritual hierarchy:





SERAPHS – Spirits of Love

CHERUBS – Spirits of Harmony

THRONES – Spirits of Will


DOMINIONS – Spirits of Wisdom

VIRTUES – Spirits of Motion

POWERS – Spirits of Form

Holy spirit

ARCHAI – Spirits of Time

ARCHANGELS– Spirits of Nations

ANGELS – protective spirits of People





All means by which we can transform ourselves are available to us.? Let’s just open our eyes and look around!? We have lot of GIFTS from these beings of light, unfortunately though, even if we are looking at them, we can’t see them! I will share my experience with one of them with you.?

For couple of years now, I pray a well-known prayer “Our Father” before meditation. I’m not a member of any religion, nor am I christened, but upon hearing this prayer for the very first time, my heart reacted joyfully to it. It could not be left UNSEEN and UNSENSED! ??? I learnt it by heart and started to notice its effect/impact on me.? Whenever I would utter the “Our Fathers” prayer it felt as if the energies of God and the mother Earth met and embraced me in my heart, lighting it up with Love and healing all of my energetic bodies.??? I felt my energies harmonising and a feeling of humility and gratitude spilling in my heart.? I didn’t understand why this was happening to me then, but today I do. I acquired recognition. I’m happy, that my desire for recognition could be fulfilled again. ? I sense that the prayer has several more levels and is almost magical. Its a gift to the mankind.? It’s beautiful to watch the absolute wisdom of creation in everything.?

Our Father” is a prayer that activates our energetic centres – CHAKRAS and our SPIRITUAL ORGANS. ? We have 7 basic chakras in our physical body. Each of them is energetically connected to a specific physical organ, specific emotion and thought. Positive and also negative. If you take any book about chakras and meridians in our body, you will find out which organ is nourished by which chakra and you will also find which emotions are alligned with which physical organs, colours, minerals, plant, animals, planets, signs in the zodiac, musical tones, archangels, etc… Today you can easily access such information.? When you put it all together, you will understand that everything is interrelated and why sometimes something hurts…? As energetically healthy are our chakras, so is our physical body.?

When feeling each word and sentence of the “Our Father” prayer, gradually 7-6-5-4, then 1-3-2 and backwards 4-5-6-7 chakras activate. It has its precisely established sequence and sense.? Each chakra has its “footprint” in the physical body. These footprints and physical manifestation of chakras are GLANDS.

1.chakra – gonads, 2.chakra. Leyding cells, 3.chakra- adrenals, 4.chakra- thymus, 5.chakra- thyroid, 6.chakra- epiphysis, 7.chakra- hypophysis.?

Each sentence and word of the “Our Father” prayer has several sensory levels. I’m simply opening the doors for you by giving you an easy step-by-step for your further inner work.? It’s a journey to recognition, healing, cleansing your intangible bodies, journey to activation of our spiritual centres with that comes the activation of our spiritual abilities – clairvoyance, jasnopočutie,  jasnocítenia, jasnovedenia and RECOGNITION OF TRUTH.?

The “Our Father” prayers and activation of each energetic centre:

7. chakra Our Father, Who is in heaven,
6. chakra
Holy is Your Name;
5. chakra
Your kingdom come, Your will be done
4. chakra
on earth as it is in heaven.
1. chakra
Give us this day our daily bread,
3. chakra
and forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us;
2. chakra
and lead us not into temptation,
4. chakra
but deliver us from evil.
5. chakra
For thine is the kingdom,
6. chakra
and the power,

7. chakra and the glory for ever and ever. Amen.
I often start my morning meditation with this prayer.? The difference between a prayer and a meditation is simple. We TALK to God(Universe, Creation, Source) with a prayer, whereas we LISTEN to God with a meditation. He talks to us CONSTANTLY!???

A lot is written about goals, visions, dreams, desires and about various techniques of their fulfilment, even seminars, lectures and video courses are being organised.?

Someone’s desires are fulfilled, but the desires of majority aren’t.? If you want your Desire to be heard, it’s necessary to COOPERATE with the spiritual hierarchies.?  God(Universe, Source), HE is the POWER that puts everything into action and gradually materialises it in the physical sphere. Intangible is realised in the tangible, never the other way around. The intangible world is the world of CAUSES and the tangible one is the world of AFFECTS. Thats the universal law!? I wrote about that here.

If you really want something, your want it so badly that you BECOME your desire – YOU ARE IT, shoot it with the POWER OF YOUR LIGHT-FILLED HEART and relentless FAITH so high that the THRONES- spirits of WILL can catch it. Because what the THRONES want, that is gradually fulfilled. If it’s in harmony with the God’s and your plan.???

SPHINX is standing silently


on the edges of the GODS THRONE

and her silence contains everything.

But then.

what THRONES want,

that is what SERAPHS feel,

that is what CHERUBS know, 

that is what DOMINIONS express,

that is what VIRTUES put into action,

That is what POWERS form,

that is what ARCHAI send,

that is to what ARCHANGELS clear a way,

and ANGELS bring

TO HUMAN, to fulfil.

My Transformation continues further very intensely.? Thank you for allowing me to share part of my Recognition with you. It means a lot to me. Even if only a small piece of what you read here fits into your puzzle of recognition, that means a huge success to me!? I am filled with FAITH, LOVE AND HOPE.

Fruitful autumn is about to come.?  29.9., Michael (archangel Michaels day), marks the start of the spiritual fruit collection. The time of internalisation and an opportunity for the largest shift through our Recognition is approaching. I’m looking forward to this autumn. And then, if we manage to successfully pass all of the challenges throughout the advent time, we receive a Christmas GIFT. However, the cycle with 12-blogs shall enclose for now.?

I ensure you I will write about the autumn, Advent time and the Christmas mystery as a spiritual work of a person on himself. See you soon. I’m looking forward to it. ?

With Love Andrea?