In this Blog I will share my experience with the MYSTERY OF FORGIVENESS with you.? Throughout my Transformation, more than once, I have encountered a situation where I felt trapped. Nothing was working out as I wanted to. I felt as if I was standing in one place, unable to move. As if some invisible bonds, handcuffs or ropes were keeping me intact, not allowing me to go forward.?

Those are the exact moments, when now I know, that I need to stop, look into myself and search for what needs to be cut out, replaced, cleansed, understood, from what situations, programs, blocks, relationships do I need to cleanse myself in order to move on.?

The most effective WAY OF FREEING yourself from the destructive bonds, handcuffs and ropes is FORGIVENESS. It truly is the most efficient but at the same the hardest.? What I mean by that is that you need to do it with your heart ? „for real“, genuinely, feel that you forgive! You can’t do it with your brain, relive it in your thoughts and utter some learnt formulas or prayers. It doesn’t work like that. Only the right feeling of forgiveness and repentance burns the non-functional bonds immediately, so you can finally breathe and fly freely!?

I had a lot to work on at the beginning of my Transformation.??? It was a never-ending work of cleansing the accumulated layers of dirt in my subconsciousness. As soon as I managed one, more showed up. ? Like when you scrape an onion.? I was practising the process of FORGIVENESS and CLEANSING yourself constantly. I do it even now, but it’s different, easier.?

I will share one of the most powerful experiences I had during my Transformational development. It was a FREEING AND HEALING PROCESS THROUGH FORGIVENESS.? It took place few years ago.? Years before that, I was already consciously cleansing and cutting off the ropes so I could rise higher. Successfully!?  When I naively thought that I was pass the larger part of the journey, a hit! Suddenly I encountered a huge rock on the road, which could not be avoided. A rock, a colossal boulder in my soul. I had no idea that existed! It was uncovered with the gradual shedding of the emotional dirt in my subconsciousness. Appearing only when I was finally READY to deal with it! A huge thing! A huge emotional block from my childhood. ? I wrote more about that here.

It was all triggered with an ALLERGY. A brutal story. ?  Suddenly! Out of nowhere! I had never had an allergy before.? One March morning I woke up with a strange itch in my eyes. I felt that they were also sore, so I went to the bathroom to look into the mirror. What a sight!!! My left eye was completely swollen and it looked as if I had burnt myself. A  liquid was coming out of it. An unpleasant sight to say at least!? It itched and burnt at the same time. Going out of the house? Impossible in such state. My face was pitiable. I was all deformed and looked pained. This is how the story with my allergy on my eyes started.?

Exactly 9 months have passed from an emotional ACTION, that caused a REACTION in my physical body, to the process of UNDERSTANDING AND FORGIVENESS. 9 months of getting rid of this massive boulder!? 9 months of pain, suffering, self-recognition, work with ego, despair, self-pity, fear. Those 9 months brought me an incredible RECOGNITION. I knew from the very start, that the CAUSE of the imbalance in the health of my physical body was in me, in my thought and emotional body.? I knew that it would go the way it came! I started to look for the cause. I didn’t see any doctors, of course. I decided to heal myself. I started to observe myself. My thoughts, feelings, communication, actions and diet.

The allergy was rather abrupt. It suddenly appeared, one of my eyes was completely swollen, then the same thing happened to the other, leaving me with allergic burns on both of my eyes and they were gone in just three days. Those three days were really bad.? I had to cancel meetings, dates, everything in my life was a pure chaos. I felt ugly, negative thoughts flooded my brain. I couldnt figure out the cause. This continued from March until July. In July a total collapse of my spine was added into the mix. It was so bad that my husband had to call an ambulance. After 2 hours of infusion I was discharged in an even worse state.? I was in pain, on medication and with the allergy on my eyes for few weeks. This lasted until September! ?

My sly Ego was covering my eyes and I couldnt find the cause. Even though it was fairly obvious! What happened? What caused this reaction? What action in my intangible world caused this manifestation of allergy in the tangible one??

I put together all the context clues, I meditated and I asked my angel for help, I followed the thread of the first manifestation of my allergy, I analysed my thoughts and feelings from before, I went to regress, I was on a sitting about the intolerance of certain groceries, where I found out that my right adrenal is unable to metabolise wheat and that, on the physical level, causes an allergic reaction on the eyes.? My weakened kidneys and adrenals cause the decline of the energy levels in first, second and third chakra, which also explained the spine pain. ? I excluded wheat from my diet completely, but I knew that even this was just a physical manifestation of my inner world.? So I kept searching! I found a connection EYES- KIDNEYS, EYELIDS- ADRENALS, PAIRED ORGANS- RELATIONSHIPS, I started to analyse my relationships, I went to a regress sessions until I could finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together!!! I found the cause!? I even uncovered it few times during those 9 months, but my EGO was doing its job respectively. It didn’t allow me to accept, that this was it! So it pushed me onto a false track!?

What exactly happened?

The CAUSE was rather inconspicuous. Three months ago, before the start of my allergy, my father called me in January. I love him, he is a great person. However, at the same time he is my grinding stone and I can say that he WAS the only person in the entire world that could enrage me into an incredible measures. At that time he was a barometer of my anger management.? I could test how well can I control my emotions with him.? All it took was one phone call and ONE QUESTION and I would burst into anger. It was the starter! Reflecting! I ended the call, furious. This launched a 3 months long rejection of communication from both sides, so-called “silent treatment” on the outside, but it was a daily emotional hell on my inside – analysing his personality, I went as far as my childhood times and I relived all the “injustice and fault” “committed” on me, I went back into the past, I felt unappreciated from his side, never praised, without any sign of love, I felt self-pity and I judged him for his behaviour towards me, I revisited old wounds, we would send messages through my mother, my emotions were in a self-destructive spiral. ? ? ?

And three months later BAM! A hit, a WARNING LIGHT! Allergy on the eyes. It couldn’t be left unnoticed, it couldn’t be left unresolved.  IT WAS ON THE EYES. So was the cause. A boulder- my emotional blocks from my childhood came unleashed in full force!? My soul needed to get “rid off” them, so it pushed them literally in front of my eyes.? I wrote more about that here.

My relationship : I and my FATHER, was the cause.? It wasn’t his mistake, nor his fault or anything similar.? Part of my personality was left as if “stuck” in my childhood. It was MY perception of our relationship. My father loves me and always was 100% on my side. He is a very strong character and is always convinced about his truth, used to commanding others. And as a child, on my mental and emotional level then, I couldnt quite process some of his actions and words!? From which I, MYSELF, created emotional blocks and programs in my subconsciousness! It wasn’t his fault, nor his mistake, nor his will to create emotional blocks. We create those on our own. My blocks from my childhood were deeply rooted and lived their life within me. They affected me and did whatever they wanted. Until the time when I finally NOTICED THEM came! Through this situation with my father.? Suddenly I could see them. The time for their Transformation had come! By finding the cause through pain and suffering, I matured to their removal. I was ready!?

I made the SACRED RITUAL OF FORGIVENESS for my SOUL.? The moment when I DECIDED TO FREE MYSELF was sacred for me. It’s like a celebration of your occupant and slaver finally leaving. I felt as if I succeeded at the biggest challenge of my life.? FORGIVENESS! Personally, I love rituals. I sense the intention and power of the Universe, a kind caress of God, light, help of the angel hierarchies and my will, all in harmony.?

The next day, after the ritual, my allergy subsided, 3 days after it went away completely and never returned! There was no reason. THE CAUSE WAS REMOVED.? I transformed it into Love.? And I can eat wheat in various forms whenever I want. My kidneys and adrenals are healthy and work like a Swiss watch!?

I love my father and I’m ever so grateful for every situation, for each second of our life. Our relationship has changed to better since then. I changed! I changed MY ATTITUDE!? I don’t look at him through the eyeglasses of my childish dramas, but I see him as a being of light, that I attracted and chose as my father.? I wrote more about that here.

I understood that to forgive your PARENTS is a very important step, regarding your Transformation. It’s the shackles that slow us down. That’s why I’m describing the entire process in such detail. Free yourself, fill yourself with Gratitude and Love towards every being that helped you change!? It either being your parents or whoever else. Now I shall share with you the ritual of forgiveness as an instruction in terms of your daily work on yourself.?

I do the ritual of FORGIVENESS as followed:

I place four candles on the floor as if in a circle, or in a cross. I sit down in the middle. I have one candle in front of me, two beside me-on my left and right side, and one behind me. The inner mood of the soul is important even when lighting up the candles.? When lighting up each of them, I utter a formula, which I also put an emotion to:”I light up this light for you, God.

When all four candles are lit up, I relax with a deep mediatational breathing. At the same time, I imagine as if a dazzling white column is descending from the above, from God (from the Universe, from the Source), entering me through my 7th chakra(the top of my head), continuing along my spine through all of my chakras until reaching my feet. I gradually wrap myself in this dazzling light. The AIM of the ritual is important. Let all the beings of light know what you want. ? I say: “Good Lord, please, enter me. I ask you for a protection and guidance throughout this ritual of forgiveness. My aim is to free myself from ………………………..(enter everything you want to change…)Thank you. Shall it be not how I want, but how you want, God. Amen Amen Amen.” This is the basic sentence, but based on how I feel it, I talk to God more…?

Forgiveness doesn’t work on a rational level. A miracle only happens if you feel it with your will and heart. FORGIVENESS is done on THREE LEVELS.?


I and GOD                      VERTICAL LEVEL

I and I                                THE MIDDLE OF THE CROSS where the vertical and horizontal levels intersect- Imagine a cross at the point of intersection of the lines – HEART OF THE CROSS

I start to cleanse the horizontal level first. I and HUMAN ( the person, who I forgive and who I ask for forgiveness, it can also be an animal, a plant, mineral, any being) – I need to cleanse the energetic bond in the direction from me and vice versa.? “FORGIVE ME PLEASE…………(insert the name of the person), that I was the cause of the imbalance in our relationship, owing to my level of thinking and feeling then, for causing ( name everything specific, what you want to be forgiven)anger, feeling of guilt, pity and negative emotions in you and me. Please forgive me my ignorance. I forgive you. I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU”?… Every word has to be alive in you and your heart has to feel it.? Do this correctly and you shall feel it on your breath, on the releasing energy in the heart area, you will cry cleansing tears… Your vibrations will change.?

I continue with the VERTICAL LEVEL, I and GOD. I cleanse the energetical bond in the God’s direction. „Forgive me, God, that I (name everything specifically…) was the cause of anger, feelings of pity and guilt, that I have caused an imbalance and strengthen the evil. I wasn t aware of it on the level of thinking and feeling I was at then. I know it today, though. I learnt and acquired RECOGNITION. Forgive me, God. Enter me and fill me with your divine light. I love you. Thank you. Shall it be not how I want but how you do, God. Amen Amen Amen.“?

Do this correctly and you shall feel it on your breath, on the releasing energy in the heart area, you with cry cleansing tears…Your vibrations will change.?

The last step is FORGIVING YOURSELF.

It’s important to honestly admit a mistake at first.? Despite EGO trying to persuade you otherwise. Ego will claim, that the other is the cause, not you! But you don’t know your karmic bonds, you don’t see into the head of the others, nor do you know their life plan. What if, whatever happened to you is a mere affect of your previous actions or your previous lives? The universe knows only one state. And that’s BALANCE. Give-Receive. And the UNIVERSAL LAWS showcase the rules of the game quite clearly. I wrote about that here.

I……(you will say your name) Forgive myself for my ignorance, for being the cause of an imbalance and for strengthening the evil. I Forgive myself for being the cause of anger, rage, reproof, condemning and judging, for being the cause of the feelings of pity and other negative emotions in my souls and in the soul of an other person. I Forgive myself for my errancy. I Forgive myself and fill this situation in the past with Light, Understanding, Recognition and Love. Thank you. Amen”…..  include anything that comes to your mind… it needs to be honest, heartfelt and light… Let your intuition guide you. Lastly, I always thank the beings of light, my guardian angel and the whole Universe. I fill myself with GRATITUDE and for a moment I sense the beautiful energies of the cleansing process. I let the candles burn out.

Do this correctly and you shall feel it on your breath, on the releasing energy in the heart area, you will feel humility and gratitude, crying cleansing tears. Your vibrations will change. You will experience the beatific feeling of FORGIVENESS.?

Forgiveness is the most potent power to free yourself from the bonds that enslave us. They enslave us with constantly cycling the thoughts and emotions about a certain situation or a person in our mind, as if on a carousel.? We can’t stop thinking about it, and when doing so we have a bad feeling… By constantly “dealing” with something in our inner world and even talking about it, we are strengthening it and the evil grows even stronger! The universal law says that every thought and feeling wants to be materialised in matter.? Positive and even negative. Negative materialises through health, breaking or destroyoing various objects, the death of a pet, the imbalance of elements – flood, fire, etc. Coincidence doesn’t exist!? Release yourself and you will be free, happy and most importantly healthy.? I wrote about that here.

Quite recently, I was driving my car, when a cyclist approached me from an opposite direction. There was a car stopped in my lane, so I stopped behind him, letting the cyclist pass. It all happened very fast and in his Matrix I wrote about that here he was under the impression that I jeopardised his life, so he started to cuss me out… I had my roof down so I could hear everything he had to say. His vocabulary for insults was quite rich! Fuuuu…? Had this happened few years ago, I would have said something and we could cuss each other out after which both of us could continue our mery way and I would spend three days thinking what and idiot that was. And, naturally, I would share this with everybody. ? A complete drain of energy! The energy would materialise itself elsewhere I wrote more about that here. For instance my washing machine would break, I would get a flat tyre, I would break a plate, etc. This time I reacted consciously. Smiling, I wished him a nice day full of happiness and without the fear of threat. In my mind, I asked him for forgiveness for causing him such a fear and wished him a pleasant ride. And I didn’t think about him anymore. I didn’t create any personal drama from this situation. I was clean. If that man on a bicycle had any negative emotions, they didn’t reach me, cause I cut our bond with the ritual of forgiveness. It’s sort of a game for me now. A game with Ego. Of course, in the first 3 second something equally as “nice” to say to him crossed my mind, but I immediately connected myself to light, peace, happiness, intuition, good, wisdom, recognition and in such sphere Ego doesn’t have any power over me. And that’s how I forgive and ask for forgiveness. ?

With Love  Andrea ?