My relationships are my Transformation. Your relationships are YOURS. The relationship with YOURSELF, with GOD and with others. Everything „STANDS“ or „FALLS“ on relationships! Relationships are bridges. Energy flows. The manifestation of the universal laws. Relationships are the grinding stones of ourselves.


They are the best and the most effective form of TRANSFORMATION.?

For a better understanding of this blog, read this one first. ?


Imagine two people, a man and a woman, that are sitting in front of one another. An angel, shinning with Love towards these two beings, approaches them. Standing sideways to them, he shows them a COIN. He’s holding it in a way that both of them only see one side of the coin. The three of them are looking at the same coin. The angel askes them to describe what they see. The woman sees HEADS (picture) and the man sees TAILS (number). The angel doesn’t see heads nor tails. He sees the coin from the side as a strip of metal. However, he knows that the coin has two more sides, that he can’t see. He knows that they are there. ?

The man says he sees tails. The woman starts laughing to the man’s face, if he is blind when he doesn’t see that large picture. She doesn’t see any number, that’s stupid, there is no number there! The man screams at the woman angrily, that she is the blind one, because he can clearly see a large number. That she should stop making up pictures! And they start to quarrel. They start to prove their truth to one another. They want to humiliate one another. They judge and condemn each another. Two truths in two MATRIXES! Never-ending story until one of them gives up. Cry, hysteria, anger outbursts, self-pity, and umbrage. One of them gives up, admits the truth to the other one, even though one sees it differently! But does one really admit it? Or does one simply want peace? Will this approach exude more love towards one’s partner, or on contrary, will one suppresses anger and their thoughts and feelings are not going to be filled with love? After all, it’s a fight in which they both lost and are preparing for counter-attack or retribution, if you will. “Just wait I’ll show you who is right next time“… Egos fight between themselves. Little demons are celebrating. They have a feast. ? These dark beings are feeding on the negative, low and heavy energy of emotions and thoughts. That’s why they tease and support both of them in the fight! Once I’m a JUDGE and once I’m a VICTIM. Everlasting GAME for energy of the other. I wrote about that here. Essentially, it’s a team play because a human is never alone in it. Either an angel or a demon is standing beside him! The angel is giving and the demon is taking. The angel is whispering, the demon is shouting. You can only hear the angel when you silence yourself internally.


The Angel is sadly observing what those two are doing.?  He sees two immature kids that are defending their own truth, unwilling to admit that the other opinion can also be a part of their truth. Their souls do not desire the RECOGNITION of the real TRUTH. These people are trapped! They are in the possession of their EGO and its group of little demons. They are both losing! Where did the mutual Respect and Love, that once was there, go? The ANGEL decides to help them. He loves them. ???

When the man and woman, exhausted from fighting, calm down, the Angel, silently shinning with Love, asks them:

“Do you remember that precious day and that beautiful moment when you saw each other for the very FIRST TIME and that precious moment when you fell in love for each other? When your hearts ignited with Love for the very first time?“

And they remembered. ? A memory sparked the Love in their hearts once again. Trough Love he reminded them a fulfilled state of soul when they were the most beautiful and the most important beings in the entire Universe for one another. When he was a KING in her eyes and she was a Queen in his – a goddess he wanted to protect from the entire world as the most precious diamond. When each moment spent together was a treasure for them. When they saw each other with Love and Respect. When they turned to God with gratitude and thanked him for the gift of LOVING and being LOVED. ???

They both feel their hearts softening and lighting up with Love. The Angel asks them to look at each other the same way they did when they fell in love. They look at one another and their eyes fill with cleansing tears. They see each other again. ? They see the king and the queen again. The Angel takes the COIN and shows it to them once again. He asks them to say what they see. The woman sees the picture. But says nothing. He passes the coin to the man and he sees the number. The woman doesn’t let her ego get in the way and doesn’t pick a fight with the man. She wants to know the whole truth about the coin, because she sees something different from what her beloved man does. How is it possible that we are both looking at the same thing, yet see something different? It interests me why my man sees it differently. The woman takes the coin into her hands, turns it around and notices a number on the other side. She passes the coin to the man, who sees a smile and understanding on her face. He turns the coin around as well. He finds out that there is a picture on the other side. They look at each other and start laughing. They forgive each other for being so ignorant and seeing ONLY ONE SIDE OF THE COIN. Happiness in their hearts sparks the fire of Love even more. Their soul and spiritual bodies shine with light! The cells of physical body shine and heal themselves. The Angel shines with Love. He served his purpose. Desire for TRUTH through Recognition leads to the RECOGNITION OF TRUTH. ?

The angels bring these COINS – SITUATIONS into our life constantly through which we ought to come to recognition of truth through understanding and Transform ourselves into wiser, better,  healthier, richer, more creative and beautiful beings filled with Light, Love, Harmony, Balance … ?

The coin is daily situations, which we experience in a partnership. We only tend to see one side of the coin. We screen our movie, our Matrix. The partner sees the other side. His movie, his Matrix. Only then, when we look at these situations through the eyes of our partner and as if from the ABOVE – from our higher-SELF, we can come to the RECOGNITION OF TRUTH. For a moment I will sit in his cinema into his Matrix. He will do the same. Then I dissociate from the situation and I observe it from the above! Conscious beings are fully aware of the CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR ACTIONS, WORDS, EMOTIONS and THOUGHTS !!! ?

Before reacting to any situation I ask myself: “Am I about to react from my HEART or my EGO?  Am I going to react like a QUEEN or like a hysteric cow? To whom am I going to give my energy? To the Angel or Demon? What is my goal? To create or to destroy?“ By asking myself these questions and by forcing my intuition to respond, I internally calm myself and I acquire an overview. I will give space to my higher SELF. Better measure three times and cut once!  

I will describe you a SPECIFIC EXAMPLE. ? It’s a common situation in a partnership. Common COIN. But it is the little things, about which people fight the most, sometimes to the extent of hurting each other or even breaking up.

One time, my friend came over for a morning coffee. We were sitting downstairs in the kitchen, giggling on something, simply enjoying the present moment. My beloved husband came to join us later. He walked down the stairs and approached us with a serious look on his face. He said:“Love, I was in the shower in our bathroom and the drain was clogged. Once again the drain was full of your hair. So, I was cleaning it until now.“ – THE COIN

How would a woman react from her EGO? She would take it PERSONALLY, as a CRITICISM. Throwing a hat as a challenge to fight!  The REACTION would be as follows: “Why are you talking about it in front of our guest? And so what if you cleaned it? You came to boast about how amazing you are or what? You want a medal? You clean it once a year and you make such a fuss about it. Do you have any idea how many times I had to clean that drain myself? And I don’t mention it. And besides that I always clean the basin and the mirror cause you always splash them with water like a duck. Do you know all the things I have to do without you even realising? Should I name all of them? … and the emotions are escalating!!! ?

How would a man react from his EGO?

I asked my beloved husband to “delve“ into the situation, which I reminded him of, and to react differently as he originally did. To react from EGO. It took him a while and he was sick from the imagination, that we would actually have to communicate like this, but these words came out of his mouth at last: “Why did I, fool, cleaned it, do it yourself next time! I also don’t tell you what I do all day.“

Saying those words made him feel really sick. How many people live like this, though? For how many relationships is their household – their BIOFIELD – their ENVIRONMENT I wrote about that here a BATTLEFIELD instead of creating their FIELD OF LOVE? And what exactly happened? The man told the woman nothing but the truth in this COIN. He only described the situation, that he did something. And she? She poured a bucket of emotional smog on him!

My Transformation taught me to react from the HEART. ? My reaction was with an overview. In this situation, I looked at my husband with gratitude. Every time I see him I can’t help myself but smile.? My heart fills with happiness. ? If you allow RESPECT to leave your relationship, so will Love, gradually. Respect are logs which we add to the fire of Love to maintain it.

In the described COIN, this was my reaction: “My love, thank you for doing that, I already thought about doing it myself. I certainly wouldn’t do it as precisely as you. Thank you very much, really. You’re a sweetheart.“

My husband looked at me with a smile and we both started laughing out loud. ? We added a log to the fire of our Love. After witnessing this, my friend said: “This was a perfect lesson of conscious communication for me. I would be irritated, even take it as a criticism and probably start fighting.“ ?

A relationship is the most beautiful way to a personal change – TRANSFORMATION through understanding yourself in cooperation with your partner, who too is consciously working on his personality through his own recognition.

Unraveling TRUTH should be FUN and not a punishment. ?

With Love Andrea ?