Laws of the Universe

Dear friends, I will be writing about my experiences during my Transformation but I have to start from the basics, ? so you can understand everything.

As a child I bore a question inside of me, who am I? What is the meaning of my and others‘ life ? What I mean by that is what is the meaning of being born, living your life and then death ?! Is it a coincidence where, to whom am I born and how will I live my life when in the end I die anyway? My soul craved to know the truth. But you know how it goes. Once I started asking those „strange“ questions, I received the „normal“ answers from adults : „Stop making up things… don’t think about nonsense…“ !!! And so I started my own journey to recognition.?

I started to observe, analyse, connect the at-first-glance coincidental situations. Shortly after which I understood that the word COINCIDENCE is meaningless.?  That the word „coincidence“ is an empty word that was created couple of decades ago. Our ancestors that lived in wisdom and in harmony with the laws of the universe didn’t need such word! They knew all the laws of nature – the laws of the universe and knew why and what happened. They knew that every effect has its cause at first. Everything made sense to them and they knew that everything was interrelated and that we are all one. They didn’t know the word „coincidence“ nor did they use it. The word was created when we started to disconnect from our higher self, from our heart, knowledge and wisdom. And so we described the events that we couldn’t explain as a „coincidence“. And what is worse, we started to explain them through the logic of our brain.?

If somebody thinks that they are coincidentally living in their body, in the family they are a part of, in the town they reside in, in the particular time, if anybody really still believes in this that his entire life and development is a coincidence, his life was a huge lie. A huge matrix. ?

Coincidence doesn’t exist. Only LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE do. These work with an absolute accuracy and justice: the law of action and reaction, the law of attraction of the homogeneous, the law of gravity, the law of vibration, the law of giving and receiving, the law of karma, the law of unity…and many others. I was taught many of these on my physics lessons in school, unfortunately though, my teacher didn’t tell me that they also work on intagible levels. He didn’t know himself.? Tangible level is everything that I can touch and see. Intangible level is all of my feelings, emotions and thoughts. Everything is energy, just of different vibration. These energies can be seen and sensed as well. However, not with tangible but with intangible organs. All of us have these, but they are inactive. With this knowledge I wanted to see and hear the intangible dimensions as well! My enlightenment came in here. So I’m responsible for everything that is happening in my life. I’m it! Not a coincidence!                                                                                                                                                                           I am the CAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An amazing feeling of relief and FREEDOM wafted over me???                                                                                                                                                   Everything is energy and the law of energy states that energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed to a different form of energy. I understood that I can work with and even transform my emotions and thoughts! Control and direct them. Energy always goes with thought!

My next important acquired knowledge was that I don’t only live once. But my soul is immortal and it’s evolving through experience in many INCARNATIONS. ? And now everything started to make sense. My immortal soul is gradually acquiring experience and becoming wiser. And it even has a memory. However, it has a lock and a key. So if we want, we can remember everything and unlock the memory buuuuut there is a small catch. ? The key is needed. ? I’m slowly beginning to remember and I have a feeling that the more the truth is uncovered, the less I know. But the more I’m calmer on the inside. My personal opinion is that the time when we all remember will come. One wise woman once said to me that you can’t see the dirt on dirty shoes but you can see even the tiniest spot on clean ones. ? 

A thought crossed my mind many times: What would happen if all of people’s thoughts and feelings were visible??  Whoaah!!! Can you imagine that? Imagine a situation that you are having a conversation with your friend, you are standing in front of the black board at school or you are telling something to your boss in your work, to your partner, a parent or you are in a business meeting you appear confident, determined, you are ready but you feel uncomfortable because you don’t know but you pretend that you do (or you do know and you pretend that you don’t), you are hiding something, concealing it and you have completely different thoughts in your head to the things you say. And all of these thoughts and emotions would be visible in that moment. That would be a complete mess! I think and  feel something and I say something else and I do something completely different.                                                                                                                                      That happened to me a lot!

Thoughts in the head, feelings in the soul and actions different to what the head wants and completely different to what the heart does. In other words, no integrity, unity of thinking, feeling and actions. And that’s the goal. INTEGRITY of thinking – feeling – acting. ?  To unite your thoughts enriched with knowledge with the feelings of love and the actions of courage. It’s a journey that begins with CONTROLLING OF THOUGHTS and self-control. Even though the thoughts can’t be seen that doesn’t mean they do not exist or that they simply disappear without any responsibility. Soon enough I thankfully became aware that, in the first place, I am responsible for my thoughts!!!  ?                                                                                                                                         Can you imagine that all of your thoughts would immediately materialize? ???????? Can you imagine that it would happen now and all of the thoughts of the people living on the planet Earth would materialize in this moment? ? What do you think, what would come out of that? Hell or paradise? Right now it would be hell.  There is still more negativism than positivism in our heads and hearts, hence if we want paradise, everybody needs to start building and creating this paradise in themselves. And so I started. And it’s going well!!! ? It’s a beautiful feeling of freedom when I know that my mood, Peace, Harmony, Happiness and Love depend on me. Not on the opinions of others, not on the outside influences, not on the magazines, not on the TV news…  I am in control of my world in which I rule. I am a queen to myself.

I have been practicing MEDITATION every morning for more than 10 years. It’s a place where I can meet myself and my higher SELF in silence. Do it for yourself. Everyday, regularly. With this effective way I started creating my inner world and filling it with „myself, my visions and desires“.

You wrote me that you want to start meditating but you don’t know how.
Well, I’m not the expert on meditation. Even I’ve been through various types of meditation and to this day I’m using various methods. Keep looking and surely you’ll find the one which suits you the best. One thing I know for sure.
BE HONEST, TRUTHFUL, and FEEL every word, every thought during meditation. Don’t do anything logically, mechanically and don’t utter “magical“ formulas, affirmations, prayers or mantras. Feel! Every word must be alive – lived by, felt, honest and only then it will rise into the heights of light. If you just spurt out the words, they will crawl as a tar on the ground and nothing light will come out of that!!!
I love SILENT MEDITATION. Just me in silence feeling grateful …?                                                 I’ll share with you my years of experience and if you find it helpful in your transformation, I’ll be happy.

I always meditate while sitting in silence. At first I relax with deep breaths and I imagine as if a column of bright light, which is coming down from God ( Source, Universe, Bright light bowl- imagine and call that power of Love however you like), is descending to my head and continuing through my body to the tips of my fingers. Sometimes I let the column fall to the centre of our mother Earth. I do as I feel. I fill myself with light – every cell, intercellular space, every organ, the entire physical and energetical body, then I fill the emotional and thought-body with light. Then I concentrate on the heart and I fill it with light. I breathe and with each inhale I realise how God gives me Love t close as well. I gradually fill my light body with a purple flame upwards from my legs to my head. When feeling each of the colours I feel what they bring me as well. The blue one- strength and protection, the pink one- love and support, the purple one – forgiveness, purity and the feeling that I am part of the universe. Then I move the energy of the lit-up heart through the “golden bridge“ upwards roughly 50 cm above my head and I inhale and exhale the ligand with each exhale I give Love and gratitude to God myself. Those beautiful feelings of Peace, Harmony and Happiness, connection with everything I love. Then I visualize a radiant dark blue field around my light body, which doesn’t close above in the column of light, then I create a radiant pink field around the blue one, which doesn’ht in the thought of I AM. I feel the I AM. And here I feel honestly and with gratitude the desire “I AM beautiful intelligent woman, I love and am loved, I have a healthy body and am granted with abundance on all of the levels.“                                                         Then I stay in silence… if I have a question, I plead for an answer… I listen… Meditation lasts for 5 min sometimes, or 50 min and more other times… the time doesn’t play any role here…? By the way, I learnt this meditation on Marie Diamonds seminar couple of years ago. She is a world-wide acknowledged transformational mentor and coach. The meditation is explained in detail and you can find the entire step-by-step in her book “The Very Simple Law of Attraction”.                          When mentioning Marie, during my transformation the universe allowed me to meet and learn from an amazing, intelligent beings. I will write about them and the miracles that I could experience thanks to them once. They always were and will be my companions on my journey. I am thankful for them.???

Many people say they are looking for themselves, yet are unable to find them. Well, when they keep repeating that they are looking, then their life will fulfill their wish. If they want to keep looking, let them do so!!! You can keep looking for yourself for several incarnations and you won’t find anything. I too had undergone this modern period of looking and wandering. ?  And during which I understood that it’s all wrong! Who am I even looking for if I am here right now?! What is my APPROACH to myself? How do I perceive myself? And the recognition came. I AM THE CREATOR!!!!!! We are the CREATORS. We are not meant to find ourselves, we are meant to CREATE ourselves. ?  Create us into the picture of which we want to be. We can and it is allowed. We just don’t know it. That’s why I’m writing about it. WE CAN!!!                                                                                           Since my childhood I have seen it clearly to what picture I want to create myself. My affirmation was clear “I am a beautiful intelligent woman, I love and am loved, I have a healthy body and am gifted with abundance on all of the levels.”                                                                                                                          Now I know that each thought wants to be fulfilled and materialized. That is the law of the universe. But careful, because all of the thoughts are materialized – negative as well as positive. ?

Believe that creating yourself into the desired being is possible!!! Even if it sometimes doesn’t fit into our logical jigsaw of life… That’s alright. I get it … Brain, ego, approach, programmed behavioural patterns, general ideas, nurture, education and the entire informational matrix of fear and doubts closed our hearts and took our own responsibility and freedom, But trust me, YOU CAN and YOU KNOW HOW !!! ?  Many people on Earth have already remembered and have woken up. ?                                                                   Faith is another piece of the puzzle in the transformational process. Simply TRUST.                              Trust arises from heart only with your own RECOGNITION. Recognize!!!                                                         Today I KNOW that I can.

I will sum it up. To start my transformation it was essential to know:






Yours Sincerely,

Andrea ?

I’m here with a new piece of knowledge every Wednesday.