In this blog I will write about men and women. ?

About what role do they have in a relationship and a marriage. About what is the purpose of those beautiful beings. About how a relationship can be either a slavery or a paradise. About the fact, that only a very small percentage of people realises that the connection of a MAN and a WOMAN is a sacred bond. And how the connection of a MAN and a WOMAN is a MYSTERIUM.

How does it work in those „normal“ partnerships? Do people like being together? Does being nearby one another fill them with happiness? Do they laugh together? Or are they constantly trying to solve problems? With what INTENTION do people „take“ one another nowadays? A family is pushing, because it is a tradition? …a pregnancy?…they want to be „orderly“… that’s how it’s supposed to be… a girl dreams of the white dress from a very young age?… setting up a family?… Even in those words „take one as one’s husband/wife“ is something not quite right. It seems like the entrance into a slavery. Do two mature human beings marry each other or is it two unconscious children?!? Do men and women understand their PURPOSE in marriage? Do they even know that they have one? What does really connect two people in a marriage? Money? Mortgage and loan payment? Children? Attachment to one another? Image in front of others? Expectations of people close to them? What do partners enjoy doing together? Recently, I gave this question to a close friend of mine and she was at a loss for words… she couldn’t answer for a moment… after a while, with tears in her eyes, she said „NOTHING“ and understood that there is nothing that connects her with her husband besides their child. And that child has been ill for a very long time! Coincidence? That doesn’t exist!!! What role models are we for our children? What environment – BIOFIELD do we create for them? What do we feed them with, what energy? Are children healthy or ill nowadays? What is the QUALITY OF THE RELATIONSHIPS??

During my Transformation I experienced various levels of partnerships. From the absolute worst „SLAVERY“ – wanting to decide and own the partner, through emotional extortion, image in front of others, apathy towards each other, the shift from Love into a friendship all the way to conscious harmonic Loving partnership with the comprehension of its role.?

My first marriage and relationship was a connection of two immature egotistical and egocentric beings full of fears, worries, mistrust, expectations, competition between one another, wanting to own and control the other, anger, blame and self-pity…? However, on the outside we were a beautiful almost an ideal couple.? On the inside chaos and fight. No integrity! What could we create? On the physical level two beautiful children, but on the mental and spiritual one, we were creating demons and those controlled us very well. They fed on us, raised us like a farm animals. ? We were destroying each other! We wanted to change one another! Our egos were denying our own mistakes and responsibility. We were two unhappy souls, that were once connected by a gleam of Love , but were unable to maintain it. But at the same time we craved Love. Everybody does. ? We weren’t adding the logs into our sacred fire of Love but we let it die out. We didn’t take care of it. We weren’t feeding out spiritual child and eventually it died. We let our Love die. ? Our biofields and the shared biofield of our family wasn’t filled with light but was full of dirt and dark. What a perfect environment for our children! And that’s how it all ended. With destruction. When our unprocessed energies started to materialise on the health of our children, when my 3 years old son almost died in my arms in a hospital and nobody could diagnose him, I had to act! That was the last needed hit with a hammer on my head by the spiritual beings! Halooo, wake up already! Change it! Change yourself! ALARM!!!!!!???

I understood!!! I changed myself and my entire life. If it’s in harmony with good and light for everybody, the change is blessed.?

WE, MEN and WOMEN, have a very important role! „Only“ KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING it is what is left. An UNIVERSAL LAW states: „Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you“ ? And so I asked, sought and knocked… Information that I wanted very much, somehow always came to me, it found its way. I attracted it into my life.

I gained RECOGNITION about the role of a WOMAN and a MAN. I’m going to share it with you.?

Imagine a life-sized statue, depicting a woman, a man and a child.

The man is standing, leaning on a stick, which he’s holding in his left hand and a lantern with a burning candle in his right lifted one. He’s wearing a long violet cloak, with which he is protecting his woman and a child from behind. The red-violet colour is the colour of kings and of the first chakra in our energetic system. It expresses a relationship to matter, to the Earth. The man is standing upright and is looking into a distance with a decisive glance. He shines the light on the road with the lantern and sets the direction.

The woman is sitting in front of him in a close distance and her Love shines from her heart and face. She is wearing a dark-blue cloak and is holding the child in her arms. Blue is the colour of sky and of our 6th chakra- third eye, intuition, clairvoyance and connection with the higher SELF. The woman is looking at her child and is breastfeeding it.

That is the picture of an ideal partnership on the physical tangible level. When you start looking on whoever and whatever with a heart, other intangible levels start to show and you acquire deeper recognition. As you do from this statue.?

A womans role is to lit up and maintain the fire in the mans lantern. For without the fire and the light, the man can’t see where he’s headed. He strays. He needs the light! With what does the woman lit up the man’s fire? On the physical level with a match. On the spiritual one with her inner light – with Love. With her purity of thoughts and emotions. Especially emotions. With her connection to spiritual worlds (blue cloak), with her recognition and living in harmony with the universal laws and cooperation with the hierarchy of spiritual beings. She is the mans spiritual impulse, she is his antenna and inspiration! A woman always has one foot either in heaven or hell. According to which she shines the man on the road, either to HEAVEN or to HELL!?

A woman’s role in a household is to keep cleanliness and serve food(woman is breastfeeding the child). It’s important in what mindset she cleans and cooks. Her energy is in everything she does. Do you  enjoy cleaning and cooking? What energy do you put into the food for your family? CLEANING is a womans role even on the level of emotional and thought-body of both partners! When two people get married, their BIOFIELD is immediately created. Their shared environment. I wrote about that here. It’s no longer a work on the purity of only MY BIOFIELD, but also on the level of OUR BIOFIELD!!!? A woman’s inner purity determines the quality of the relationships in the family!?

BUT!!! A woman is able to shine with spiritual virtues and lit up the light in man’s lantern only when she feels the protective shield (violet cloak) of her man behind her, when she sees that the man has a clear goal, the man knows where he’s headed,only then the woman can shine him on his road. When the man is stronger in the thought-world than she is and he stands firmly in matter (a stick). A woman needs a conscious man. For without him she cannot fulfil her role!!! ?

A man needs FAITH from his woman and a woman needs PROTECTION from her man!

A man is an ACTIVE principle – giving, activity, realisation, transformation of matter, element FIRE, DAY etc.                                                                                                                                              A woman is a PASSIVE principle – receiving, inner transformation, calmness, element WATER, NIGHT. ?

The partnership of a man and a woman reflects the universal law of polarity, JING and JANG. ?

A Woman and a Man, opposite principles at first glance, complete each other to one whole, one is created in another, one cannot exist without the other, one cannot create without the other! They are able to CREATE only with the conscious collaboration in Love. As day and night, as moon and sun, as warmth and coldness, as black and white…?

Even a seed attracts energy into itself in quietness, darkness and wetness at first, it starts growing roots, and eventually sprouts. Sunlight and moonlight, water and fire – light and heat are required for its growth. And only after the patient collaboration of two principles and all of the elements it can bear fruits!?

A child is a physical reflection, created as a result of the connection between a man and a woman on the material level. A woman feeds the child. Regularly, every day. The child would die otherwise. However, a man and a woman have a CHILD on the mental and spiritual level as well! Their child is either Love or Destruction. ???

A man and a woman are as two GRINDING STONES, whose aim is to grind one another into beautiful DIAMONDS, shining with Purity, Love, Prosperity, Health, Happiness, Recognition…?

A man and a woman are TWO PILLARS, supporting one roof. One pillar cannot lean on the other otherwise the roof would fall. A man and a woman is a creative cooperation of two conscious free human beings in whose lies the eternal spark of Love. ? Our goal is to implement spirituality with our spiritual recognition into matter. With the VIRTUES OF A KING AND A QUEEN. Did you know, that only highly spiritually-privy mature beings could enter into marriage in the past? Only the kings and queens? Not for their status or their fortune. Simply for their virtues of a king and a queen. And so they could create, decide, and rule with wisdom in high and pure vibrations, connected to their spiritual mentors.?

I know now that a relationship is the most beautiful ROAD to RECOGNITION.? Of myself, of others and of God(Source, Universe…). It always reflects myself. It’s an universal law. I was struck upon hearing it the very first time. A PARTNER and the quality of my RELATIONSHIP is my MIRROR! What I dislike on the other, reflects what is INSIDE OF ME.? Only what I already have can resonate. The Law of resonance, the Law of attraction of homogeneous. Similar attracts similar. Only what I already have, reacts. I react to what I already have. And my soul senses, that it needs to be transformed, so it points it out through reflecting it in different people. To put it simply: My experience is based on me percepting the reflection of my radiation. ?

Pheeew…this was truly too much for me. EGO reacted immediately, that it’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard and it surely is not like that!!!!!!!!!! ? Believe me, it is! But everybody finds out TRUTH only by their own recognition. Instead of judging and condemning others I started to observe myself. I started to note, what I dislike about others and there was a loooooot…. First step is to admit it. Accept that I have it as well! By doing so EGO will lose its power over you and you will weaken it. Allowing your higher SELF to speak up and guide you through your transformation. With gratitude and humility accept all your flaws. Be truthful and kind to yourself. And start to change in specific situations.

I wrote about that here. React differently.?

A few months ago my 18 years old son told me:”Mum, had I not seen how you two live and behave to one another after all those years, I would never believe in Love. I want to have a relationship like yours. When I see all those awful sick relationships all around me, you give me hope and faith.”… I think that such genuine words of a teenage boy are the most beautiful thing a child can give to you. In such moments I know that I’m on the right road and I shine!?… and my son attracted a beautiful (also on the inside) girl into his life, that is exactly like the one he desired…?

If you want a miracle, THANK YOUR MAN(your woman, child) FOR EXISTING. For them being a part of your life. For thanks to them you can get to know yourself and transform your personality. Every person, that loves you, is a precious gift. I thank God for those gifts every day. ?

With Love, Andrea ?