The miracle of regularity

During my transformation I had a huge desire to acquire information! My soul wanted to know. And so I attracted an amazing people, mentors, coaches, healers into my life and visited an amazing motivational lectures and courses after which I would have my head high in the clouds for a while and believed that I could change the entire world!???

I read quite a lot of motivational and esoteric literature. The desired information would simply stick to me from every direction. I was excited and happy that I have all of this information, that everything is starting to make sense to me and my understanding is shifting! A beautiful period of the sweet acquisition of information.


Something wasn’t quite right. My heart felt sad and quiet somehow. Why would my heart be sad when my head was happy? A very simple answer! The information stayed only on the level of thoughts and temporary feeling of happiness but gradually this beautiful overjoy faltered. I knew why. ? I was trapped! I forgot to follow a very important step with the information. Start to live by them, start to really live by them, to take hold of them, to engrain them into my mind and consciously start transforming my personality! What do I mean by that?

On seminars and in books you read that you have to think positively, control your emotions and you learn various techniques of controlling your mind, but mainly, you learn that you have to change. BUT HOW?

Well, I knew everything my soul needed to know, I just didn’t know how to use it in everyday life.

To talk about it? OOOOOh, Yes.? To live by it, no. I could talk about positive thinking, the techniques of controlling your mind and the transformation of emotions really well. However, when I came back home and my child had spilled popcorn all over our freshly vacumed beautiful blue carpet, or my father said something that my EGO didn’t like, an angel turned into the demon of rage and self-pity. That’s why my heart was sad.???

But I noticed it! I felt it! Even then I had the urge to be with myself and in the precious moments of silence I heard the heart crying. Strong experience. Transforming even! I knew that I had to start! To change myself and feel the heart happy and to feel the harmony between my heart and my head.

I will tell you HOW I started with my transformation. I was given an instructional manual. It works! My heart is happy today.? I think how I feel and even how I act! I am happy, I love and am loved, am healthy, I have knowledge and I keep learning, I was gifted abundance on every level and I feel an immense gratitude. I manage my thoughts and feeling very well today. I have these wild mustangs tamed. Sometimes one of them is not listening but I know HOW to tame him and get him into the stable again.???


I decided to incorporate MINDFULNESS and CONCENTRATION into my day.

1.At first I had to decide that I want to look upon myself truthfully and be completely HONEST with myself. The first step is to write a black-white mirror on a piece of paper. I wrote my vices on the left side and virtues on the right. Fuuu, and was it hard!!!? I was 25 years old and EGO the size of a mountain. I couldn’t quite sort out, give a name to nor write some of my traits down. The good ones were easy… but the bad ones? The first thought that crossed my mind was that I don’t have any negative traits. Just something occasionally slips out…hi hi.? When I finally managed to put all of my traits on a piece of paper, I was looking at it as if looking into a mirror – on myself! I remember the feeling even today!? And it surely wasn’t a nice sight. This is who I am? YES, that is who I was. But I wanted to be different. A DECISION was clear. A CHANGE! I picked one of my vices and one virtue.

If you are familiar with laws of the universe you know how to use them for your personal development. It’s about the law of energy. Energy cannot be destroyed only transformed into a different form of vibration(energy). Even a thought and emotion is a form of energy. And so I decided to transform Anger into Happiness!!! ?

2. Next, I chose some REGULARITY –something that I will do EVERY DAY, AT THE SAME TIME, 365 days of the year. If I leave out one day, I will start from the beginning! And so I chose simple finger snapping out loud, 7x at 7pm.

  1. I wrote down an affirmation – “With this finger snapping I shall transform my anger into happiness. So shall it happen.”?

And the big GAME could begin!!!

It all looks very simple but the MYSTERIUM OF TRANSFORMATION is hidden in the simplicity.? Imagine, that you have to snap your fingers seven times out loud, every day at 7pm. No matter where, with whom or what you are doing!!! Do you know how many internal emotions you discover and manage at the same time by doing so?! Imagine a situation that you are at a family celebration, talking to your grandmother. A you can’t forget that you are doing a regular activity at 7pm, B shortly before 7pm something will definitely happen that will prevent you from going to a silent corner and just snapping is not enough you have to affirm as well! So you are not talking and you look as if you went insane! And I’m not taking your emotions that you have to manage meanwhile into account… what are they thinking, I look insane, it will be stupid to leave in the middle of an important convesation and so on…?

BUUUUUT, the hard situations count the most!!! That’s when you overcome the most and experience the mysterium of transformation. Exactly then at 7pm your thinking-feeling-acting is in equilibrium, because you are doing a REGULARITY for which your higher SELF decided, and that is when you give MINDFULNESS and LIGHT to the hypnotic rhythm of the unconscious world. You give your RHYTHM there. In that moment you are a CREATOR, you are who you decided to be. At first,  you learn to master few seconds and gradually your entire life. Regularity is YOUR RHYTHM!

It’s the same principle as when you go to a gym regularly. Excercing just once in order to have muscles is not enough, muscles will only grow with regularity. You practise controlling your thoughts with your mental regularity. I could manage my anger much easier, cause my “mental muscle”, by which I could tame it, was growing. I can manage it perfectly now, with Happiness. I transformed Anger into Happiness.?

A regularity can be something:

1.meaningless(blinking, finger snapping, singing few tones, whatever)

2.something you dislike doing (20 sit-ups, dumping a bucket of cold water on yourself, reading one verse of a poem or a page of a book…)

  1. stop doing something you like(drinking coffee, eating meat, smoking, drinking alcohol, eating sweets…)

Regularities are still a part of my life . They have been for almost 20 years now! I meditate and practise yoga daily. Even if I don’t want to, because that’s when it gives me the most power. And I still transform X to Y. It doesn’t seem that way, but there always is what to transform. I take off one layer and another one appears. It’s a several-lives-long workpiece!!! It’s a GAME. ?

My beloved husband has been in it with me for couple of years as well. It’s a partner for everything.? He has a very strong will. And when we talk about imaginary situations how someone will bake our favourite cake for us (when we haven’t eaten anything sweet for a year), or they will invite us on a barbeque(when we haven’t eaten meat for a year…well I don’t eat meat at all, but that’s a different story…), we just start laughing.???

Don’t take it all too seriously.? Think of it as a GAME. A GAME of your life. Even if they throw you out of your home-zone, you still have a chance to go back. Do it with pleasure and gratitude. Play. Learn the rules (laws of the universe) and win!

With love,


I’m here with new piece of knowledge every Wednesday.